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Trauma Center: Second Opinion


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GF Rating


Challenging and Fun (at least a few times through)

posted by JFiz81 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) May 2, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Trauma Center has good game play, interesting plot line, and a comfortable level of challenge for most gamers. Being a Dr. isn't in my blood, but I've seen enough episodes of ER to give it a go via the Wii.

Graphics wise, I was impressed with the procedures themselves (the actual game). The storyline, as other reviewers have mentioned, is told my motionless anime. This works out in my opinion, as good graphics while I'm actually playing are worth a lot more then the storyline graphics.

The controls are a definite plus in my opinion, as I felt that this was one of the better Wii games I've played where most of the controls feel fluid and "make sense". Quite a few Wii games have motions that sometimes almost seem unnatural, but Trauma Center has Wii controller functionality in mind all the way through.

As for game re playability, this game is a great example of why I appreciate game rentals vs game purchases. I played it a few times through, having serious ER fun each time, and going for better surgeories (higher scores). But after bumping up the difficulty level an playing through a few more times, it seemed to get a little more repetitious then some other games do on replay.

To sum up, I really liked the game as a whole. But the fact that I can't really see myself wanting to play this any time again soon keeps it at the 7 mark.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great use of the Wii controller, cut some dialogue

posted by cbmills (MIAMI BEACH, FL) Jan 5, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

It's very fun to act like a surgeon. Especially with the added benefit never losing anyone on the table.

This game uses the controller and nunchuk quite well. With the remote you steadily work in the body, while the nunchuk acts as your nurse, selecting instruments, bandages, shots, etc.

My main problem was the long story scenes. They go on further and trying to skip them just speeds them up a little!

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GF Rating


Trauma Center. Glad to get a Second Opinion!

posted by Skye13 (MADISON, WI) Dec 1, 2006

Member since Nov 2006

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Trauma Center: Second Opinion is the second in the Trauma Center series. Well, actually it's a remake of the first, so those fans of Under the Knife for the DS, you will find the game similar. Still, this one is worth taking a look at.

Once again you play Derek Stiles as he grows from a rookie to a master surgeon. However, instead of tapping the screen, the wii-mote is the all powerful surgeon's tool. You got the scalpel, forceps, gel, syringe, laser; all the tools from the first game, but instead of having to lift the stylus, tap an icon, then back to the patient, the nunchuck is your tool selector: just tap any of the 8 directions to switch tools.

While most of the surgeries are the same as the DS game (with some slight changes to reflect the new system), there are some new additions. First is a new doctor, and new missions. Also new is the Defibrillator, brought out automatically when needed. This replaces the sternum trick from the DS game, but more intuitive. Also there are three difficulty modes, so rookie surgeons don't give up in frustration when they keep failing a mission. Also the graphics have a major update from the DS game. The art style is cool and immersive, but not gory, so mom's shouldn't worry. The "blood" is little red clouds that appear for you to drain, nothing serious. This game is rather serious though, warranting the Teen rating: young ones might not understand the implications of the game's story.

For you stat hounds out there:

Graphics: 8
Not as flashy as some other DS titles, but props for the art style. Very futuristic with anime as well.

Sound: 9
Great sounds and music. Nothing says pressure when you are in the middle of a mission and the music gets all rushed.

Control: 10
Much better improvement over the DS game. Spot on control.

Story: 7
Awesome story, but the same as the DS. Wished it were a true sequel.

Replayability: Good
I dare you to get S rank on all missions in Hard mode.

Overall: Buy
Great game, lot of fun.

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