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Trauma Center: Second Opinion


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GF Rating

Very Good

It's fun and enjoyable, but extremely hard.

posted by eman14 (CHICAGO, IL) Dec 18, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

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I rented Trauma Center: Under the Knife for the DS a few weeks ago and thought it was a fun game. It had an enormous difficulty to it, but leveled it out. Second Opinion is just as good with some new features to it as well.

Graphics: Anime models that don't talk for cut scenes isn't really my thing. But the detailed organs and things that you operate on are fun to look at and a little creepy as well. Good graphics from an artistic point of view.


Gameplay: Works a lot better with the Wii-mote than with the DS' stylus. It is fun and always keeps you entertained. Occasionally you might experience a problem or two with what you wanting to point at not matching the onscreen action. But this is pretty rare and shouldn't be seen as a regular thing.


Design/Plot: For Derek Stiles, the newest doctor on the block, it is the overall same plot as the DS version, but it also includes a new doctor for you to take the role of. The plot is good and you will find yourself sometimes just wanting to skip the cut scenes and go remove some tumors. The game is very hard to complete. It takes time and precision, and plenty of patience since you will be hitting the retry button plenty of times.


Value/Replayability: Good, because you always want to get a better grade on a certain operation that you know you could've done better on. Besides redoing operations, there isn't much more to find here a second time through.


Overall, this is a great game that is so much fun to play. It is probably the second best Wii game out there (after Zelda, of course) that you will find. Rent it if you are unsure, but buy it if you are confident in that you will enjoy it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

A good use f wiimote, but lousy graphics

posted by MightyYuna (DENVER, CO) Apr 14, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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I enjoyed the fact that the game utilizes the motion sensor capability of wiimote quite a bit. You can pick stuff up, pull stuff out, roll on the bandage, cut people open, etc...
The game play seems to be repetitive. In one mission, I had to to same procedure like 10 times! It gets old pretty quickly. But under the time pressure, the game still keeps you on the edge the most of the time.
The story telling is way tooooooo long and unnecessary. I was pressing A button like a zombie and now knowing when it ends.
The graphics isn't all that good. It's not sharp enough to display on a HD plasma, especially when mine is about 50" big.
Overall, it is a great concept. I think this type of game has a lot more potential in the years to come.

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Great game for the wii controls

posted by MIGamer1 (MACOMB, MI) Apr 18, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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Game is great representing the use of the wii remote and the nunchuck, the game uses the control stick to select your utensil, the wii remote is basically your operating hand, and you basically do whatever they tell you, and you do kind of have to memorize the different procedures, for different things, because, they don't always tell you what to do, so you have to remember, but other than that this game is great, I would say its worth 30 or 40 but probably not 50, its a great game though, definitely worth the purchase down the line.

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