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Trauma Center: New Blood


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Replica of the first

posted by veelaunch (GLENDALE, UT) Jan 13, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

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This game is very similar to the first one, which is a good thing. I didn't have to waste much time learning the controls. I loved being able to switch among the tools quickly as though I was really in surgery. This game would never be possible on any other system.
The biggest step up would be the two player mode. It is fun and intense. My wife and I loved playing it together.
Although I loved the game, and I loved playing through it, I won't be buying it because I feel like I already own it. I bought the first one. I was glad that I got to try out the two player mode but that will be good enough for me.

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The Best Trauma Center Yet

posted by Guardian42 (GRAND RAPIDS, MI) Nov 30, 2007

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If you played TC:Second Opinion, than you already know the basics of this game. You'll play doctor and perform tons of different procedures while following a great story. For those who are new, read on.

The game places you as one of two doctors. In different missions, you'll get the chance of playing with whichever one you want, except for some missions where story requires you to play as a certain doctor. You use several different tools to perform different operations. Most of these missions are real procedures and you'll feel like you've had a few years of medical school after some time with time game. The whole story feels like playing ER with a anime twist and style.

Missions require you to make as few mistakes as possible and to do them as quick as possible.

Two of the new and best features of the game are online leaderboards and co-op. The online leaderboards give you a place to see how you stack, and give you the courage you need to try harder when retrying operations.
However, co-op is the game's new soul. Each player will have full access to the same tools and work as a team to do different missions. You can have one person remove glass while the other stitches the wounds and keeps the patients vitals up.
The game does continue the difficulty from the first game. Some missions even feel like they were required for co-op with how much you may have to do all at once.

This is a great new TC that feels like it was made for the Wii, unlike the last title which was more just a port.

I highly suggest that you also give the first TC:Second Opinion a try. This is a great series that fits the Wii like a glove.

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I'm not a Dr., but I can play one on the Wii!!!

posted by WiiMother (Lagrange, OH) Feb 11, 2008

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Love this game so far! I'm just a "casal gamer" - a mother who loves wii sports and the like, but this is awesome! Might take us awhile to get each operation down, but so far, we're getting it (still in episode 1). But really, really fun. Great for parents and teens alike. Haven't tried the 2 player mode yet, but looking forward to it.

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