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totally epic for me and my bro

posted by boooobob (overland park, KS) Nov 3, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

this game is great i love it its so fun amazing for me and my bro i just loved it the only bad things are 1:you cant control your guy but on the bright side you can aim with your remote and switch weapons. 2:you cant go to a level after you finished it you can only go back and do the last level or restart on another save slot and play again. and 3: in multiplayer your not two people your one guy and i was sad when i was forced to be 2 player and just use one gun but if you play 1 player mode you get to control the car instead of just shooting and you get these weapons a gatling gun a sniper and a missile launcher witch i enjoy! :D

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Best Transformers game since Armada.

posted by Mumserpal (MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO) Sep 14, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

Once again the "professional" review sites dropped the ball.

This isn't the same game as War for Cybertron. Instead of dumping a scaled down port to the Wii, Activision gave the Wii it's own version developed by "Next Level" The people behind Punch-Out.
Transformers: Cybertron Adventures tells the pre-exodus story of the Transformers. And they tell it very well in this game. Strong vocal performances all around, including Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime!

The game features a campaign for each faction, which is best played simultaneously(Autobots Level 1, then Deceptions Level 1, etc.), as opposed to beating one campaign then starting on the other. This is a great way to see the story as each side gives a different view of the events that had taken place during the level.

You can tell that a lot of care and polish was put into this game, as everything looks and sounds great. I didn't notice any bugs either. Its very clear that Next Level took their time on this.

The game play is sort of like a rail shooter, but is played completely from the third person perspective. The on-foot sections are very reminiscent of Time-Crisis, in that you have available cover to hide behind. There are also driving and flying sections. Each one as enjoyable as the next, and there is a two-player mode, where the second player acts as extra covering fire for player one. Which makes some of the time sensitive areas less hectic!

I played through on normal difficulty. The game is about medium length, if you play both campaigns, and even lasts longer if you replay the old levels for achievements, which are found in the game's challenge mode. The game has unlockables in the form of character artwork. Not that exciting really, but certainly not worth taking points off for!

I'll be buying this one.

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A lot of fun to play!

posted by tmar89 (WHITEHALL, PA) Nov 10, 2010

Member since Sep 2008

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This was fun to play and the controls worked very well. Highly recommended.

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