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Transformers: War for Cybertron


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Also on:Xbox 360, Wii
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Fun Game, Worth the play, What to expect>

posted by ashlikefir (PRESCOTT, AZ) Jul 2, 2010

Member since Nov 2008

I had a blast with this game. They took the autobots/decepticons and integrated them into a -gears of war/ halo- style game.


Easy effortless transformations between vehicle mode and bot mode are awesome. Depending on the difficulty your playing the game at the shift between the two and how you use them are vital to staying alive.

The shooter system as far as aiming and response are good.

The story is decent, and the two campaign option is fun. Decent multiplayer too.
And much more, very strong 9 game.
Fun Game go Play it!


Although it shares the same shooter system as halo and gears, it isn't as good as either. Its like a 75% version of each combined.
I played on hard, and on hard things kill you quickly.

With gears you can slide into adequate cover and take up a fighting position, in transformers the best you can do is find a knook and step out shoot and run back in.
Transformers uses the same weapons using/aquiring as halo does. You have a two weapon inventory, with additional turrets and launchers you can find and use. Transformers gets knocked down because the weapons arent nearly as fun or useful to use as the were in Halo.

Good but also bad-

Vehicle mode, its cool, but oh man it has more potential then what they ended up with. In transformers vehicle mode lets you move and evade much quicker, and is pivitol in some of the mass amounts of enemies you face, but thats about it. They have unique abilities and weapons in this mode, but its nothing special. In the later levels you gain control of the flyers< jetfire, silverbolt, airaid. Very fun but again falls just short because the planes cannot invert, or fly upside down. Makes dodging and manuvering impossible and also makes you a sitting duck.

If they make a sequel, I cant wait because all these things are good, but are all half a##ed. Makes a phenominal game instead just a very good one.

Still its a solid 8.5-9 game, and very much worth the play.

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tranformers war for cybertron

posted by pianocomm (MCHENRY, IL) Jul 2, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

a good spider-man game a good star wars game and a good batman game this my freind is war for cybertron and since i would over talk it all just say you have mental condition.

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posted by zbullitt (MARKSVILLE, LA) Jul 2, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

graphicks are good thats the only riseni gave it a 7 not many guns/inimeys/powers melay wepons.

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