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Transformers: War for Cybertron


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Also on:Xbox 360, Wii
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Out of stuck spot

If you jump into any space that leaves your robot completely stuck, you can transform in order to get yourself moving again.

Earning the "Your Lucky Day" Trophy

You'll reach a point in the first Decepticon mission where you'll find a room full of prisoners, identifiable by the circle surrounding their bodies. Pick one, preferably by the entrance, to keep alive and destroy all the others. Proceed to the elevator and activate it. While you go up, you'll earn the Trophy.

Earning the "First We Crack the Shell…" Trophy

After defeating Trypticon, run up to his face while he starts delivering his final dialogue. If you're close enough, he'll fall into the goo and you'll be in range for him to smash you with his hand. After getting smacked, you'll earn the Trophy.

Earning the "Motormaster!" Trophy

Load up the Guardian on the Bridge checkpoint with Soundwave. Use your Ram Ability on any straightaway to give you precious seconds. The speed boost is critical and will give you an extra margin of error in case you hit a mine.

Earning the "Devastator!" Trophy

When fighting the Guardian, he'll start to shoot fire from his right arm. This will eat away the armored walls in the arena. Run around and make sure all the armored walls and pillars are wiped out. You'll earn the Trophy when the last piece of cover is destroyed.