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Transformers: The Game

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posted by Starbuck (SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA) Nov 7, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

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If you are a transformers fan, this game is pretty cool. The one thing I continued to have an issue with is the camera controls. Sometimes, it is simply annoying, other times it really detracts from the fight mechanics. Yes you swing the wii remote around wildly to attack but it is no different then button mashing any other action game. Would I buy it for $40: no. Would I buy it around $20 yes (simply because I love transformers). Being able to add G1 skins is a saving grace and I had fun playing it for a couple days. Could have been better, in fact the mechanics of the older Transformers game on the PS2 is a lot better and more fun to play.

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Transformers: The Game

posted by rpgadam07 (GREENVILLE, SC) Aug 20, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Being a HUGE fan of the old show and old movie, and I went to see the new movie and I liked it, it wasn't really THAT good, though. I decided to play the game and see if it would be better. I thought the same thing about the game. Here is a rundown of this game.

Story: 7
This game had a decent story and fun game play. I liked how you could be Autobots or Decepticons. I played both to get the full experience. I thought they were both fun, but sometimes very repetitive.

Graphics: 8
This game had very good graphics. The scenery was nice and the whole game was well made, graphic wise.

Controls: 5
The controls in this game were not very responsive and felt unfinished. The camera was crazy. I found myself getting frustrated a lot trying to work this game out.

Audio: 9
One thing I hated about the movie was that they got Hugo Weaving to do Megatron instead of Frank Welker. I was surprised that they got him to do the voice of Megatron in the game. The audio was well-rounded and not too loud or too low in any spots.

Replay Value: Low
This game was fun the first time around, but boring afterward.

Overall: This game is fun to rent, and if you like Transformers, go ahead and buy it. Have fun playing.

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GOOD to rent, NOT to buy

posted by irishfire1 (LEWISTON, MN) Jun 7, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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This game is very fun the first few hours of gameplay, you get to run around as giant robots in a free roam smashable environment, not something many games have. But... after around halfway through the game you start to realise the many cons.
Free roam environment
Giant Robots!!!
Variety of missions

Story isnt really involving
Any mission that doest require vehicle mode is very repetitive
Camera is all over the place when you dont want it to be

When you throw something while you are targeting, it automatically stops targeting, most of the time throwing off your camera in the other direction, which is very frustrating when fighting bigger enemies or bosses.

Overall its a fun game to rent for a few days, but i wouldnt buy it.

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