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Tread carefully

posted by Rolandk10 (FORT MYERS, FL) Apr 6, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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Good thing for gamefly. This game is bad. Anyone who doubts it will thank themselves for renting it first. As a casual gamer, I'm not looking for frustration in the name of challenge in a game. I just want it to be fun and entertaining. If your idea of relaxation is repeating the same time trials 85 times until you make it through, the have at it.

Personally, I think that it's the mark of a terrible game to have to limit your time to objective in the first place. That along with cheap kills. Basically, anything that makes you memorize a level before beating it is possible. Did I pick up a game of memory? No.

What about the fact that NPC directions are so vague. For instance, you're told that a certain "boss" transformer is very tough and to see if you can find something to defeat him. REALLY? I'm supposed to try to defeat him? Jee, thanks for that tid bit!!! How about telling me to see if I can find something knock him over with and then pick him up and throw him 3 times. That may have saved me an hour and two freaking controllers.

This game could have been great. The characters and the world were there. All that was needed was to spend a little time setting up a story and the gameplay. This game felt like a long, drawn out demo.

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Really Bad

Recipe for a horrible game

posted by Merc1138 (FREMONT, CA) Aug 9, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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Imagine a bad racing game, where the steering and acceleration are awful.

Now toss in a poor flight-sim where the controls are pretty whack and the jet handles like a paper plane

Mix that up with an action shooter, except be sure to leave the projectile weapons really weak so no one will bother using them.

Add in a dash of melee combat, and by dash I mean one button.

Mix well in a generic environment with some builds that can be blown up, like the hulk game.

And now you have Transformers: The Game

Generally games for movies are rushed to meet the release date of the movie, this one is like they didn't even try. You could easily replace the main character models and then there would be nothing left to indicate that it's a transformers game except for the title screen. The graphics look alright I suppose, but after that it's all down hill. I mean, if they had spent 30 minutes showing this game to some kids and paid them in ice-cream or something, they could have had enough ideas to fix it. I just don't understand what developer in their right mind would be willing to attach their name to trash like this.

Maybe someday someone will try and make a transformers game, and spend more than a total of 3 months on it.

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brief entertainment

posted by complacent (LUBBOCK, TX) Aug 17, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

I had the general idea that this game was bad before I rented it, and it didn't disappoint in that regard. The good parts of the game are: easy controls, fun to destroy the environment, satisfying to transform with all the characters, and decent sound effects and graphics. I almost want to say that being short is a good thing too because this game gets boring kind of quick. The two main parts to this game are fighting and driving, and those are two of the things this game does badly. The fighting is repetitive because all you do is the same 3 hit combo throughout, pausing at times to pick up something to throw at an enemy. Shooting is fun but not really necessary or helpful in most situations. The driving part of the game is dull, and many missions force you to drive from point A to B as an excuse to transform instead of trying to make things more fun. Besides lacking in depth of gameplay, this title lacks in features. Some kind of multiplayer would have really added some much needed fun to the game. It also would have been nice to be able to choose any transformer for a level after completing the game. The bonus content is minor and hardly any motivation to search the levels or spend more time playing.

Overall this is a fair game. Too shallow and boring to waste money on, but if you are a fan of Transformers or just curious you might find brief enjoyment in this short game.

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