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GF Rating


not next gen

posted by dominateninja (LEWISTON, ID) Jul 6, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

i didnt not enjoy the gameplay, for a next gen game, i felt like i was playing on a ps2, the background and combat was very lacking, and ity was easy to lose interest in the story.

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GF Rating


Transformers: Rise of the Shovelware Trash Heap

posted by SnootHonk (OROVILLE, CA) Jul 1, 2014

Member since Aug 2008

So if you've ever played either of the two excellent predecessors, "War for Cybertron," and "Fall of Cybertron," developed by High Moon Studios, you're going to be in for a huge disappointment as they handed the reigns over to Edge of Reality to deliver a frustrating, bland, and poorly executed experience with this new installment. They tried to include the game modes which made the last two great, but here, it falls flat on its face.
The first thing you'll wonder is if you are really playing a game designed to run on the new powerhouse systems, as other than a shiny avatar, the muddied textures and cut-and-paste water effects look like something running on a PS2.
Another issue is that the difficulty settings don't seem to make the game particularly easy or more difficult, instead, regardless of the difficulty setting, the almost-broken combat relies less on your skill as a player, but if you happen to "get lucky" during any given enduring battle, with the infrequency of checkpoints forcing you to try lengthy sections over and over again until you luck out.
Also, I've had the game freeze or crash on me on several occasions, and it ultimately feels unfinished, unpolished, overly mundane, and another movie tie-in that was developed solely to prey on the ignorance of some gamers and Transformers fans. Were you aware of the critic-review-embargo they placed on this game for many days after its street release date just to make more money, and keep gamers in the Dark on how poor of a product they were prepared to release. Don't waste your time with this one...

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GF Rating


Not Bad. Decent shooter, couldve been better.

posted by MrSche (MEMPHIS, TN) Jun 30, 2014

Member since Jun 2007

This game isn't much graphic wise. Ive seen better games on the PS3. This actually looks like it could be PS2.
The story isn't that interesting. I haven't seen the movie, so Im not sure if this follows the movie or not.
The fighting is somewhat fun. Its exciting to hear the robots yell as you blast them away, especially in escalation. Its the ONLY online mp mode, which is kinda like a horde mode, where you defend against waves of enemies. Its kinda fun too.
Opening gear boxes for upgrades is a bit tedious, especially if you have 100 or so EACH. Takes forever if you have duplicates. They could have arranged that a lot better.
But all in all, its a decent game. Not bad, but could've been a lot better in my opinion.

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