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GF Rating


Sweet Combat

posted by Justdawg08 (WAUSAU, WI) Jul 13, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

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The best part of the game is the robot on robot action, blowing the other robots apart looks very nice on the PS4. There is a nice selection of transformers and transforming is quick and sweet. I can go from flying my jet at high speeds around the map, weaving through obstacles and then within a second transform and be on the ground battling baddies.

Escalation is decent, the enemies spawn points can be messed up. A lot of times I'd go from my shield wearing down to suddenly my health is just depleted. Needs some work.

The environment is nothing special, think Warframe if you have tried that. Needs more detail, everything just kind of shines/blurs together in the environment.

The cutscenes were alright, the dialogue seemed mildly amusing. Had a hard time truly understanding what was going on at some points in the story, but the general jist of things is.. the bad guys got something bad.. we need to stop them. And you play as the decipticons from time to time as well.

I was thinking 6/10, but it's not really "Above Average" so 5/10 is "Fair" for a fair game. Not bad, fairly fun if you like your robot on robot combat, could have been more polished though.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Ok to rent

posted by Anubis833 (OWENSBORO, KY) Sep 15, 2014

Member since Jun 2012

This game was ok. Not as good as War for Cybertron and def not better than Fall of Cybertron. I enjoyed it because I love the transformers, but I am glad I rented it and not paid 60 bucks for it. I rented it for PS4, but its obvious that they just got the ps3 version to play on the 4. Graphics aren't ps4, not that graphics bother me. Graphics don't make or break a game for me otherwise I wouldn't still play Mario on nes.

--Peter Cullen reprises Optimus
--The change into vehicle form any time
--playing various new characters, including an insecticon

--Story is confusing
--Voice acting not so good. Even peter Cullen couldn't save it. Cheesy one liners said at complete random. Even optimus yelled out watch out!....when he was alone..
--Enemy damage is way too unforgiving. this isn't demon souls. Even on normal you can die pretty quick once your shield runs out. oh, and your shield sucks too.
--weapon upgrade system

I found that you do the most damage and take the less damage in vehicle form, use it often.

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GF Rating


A step back.

posted by Ninjalord (BIDWELL, OH) Sep 14, 2014

Member since Mar 2009

So this game is the third entry in the new transformer game series, and it has some good things and some issues. So lemme go through them all.

The Good
-The characters have specials such as drifts sword dashing ability which is rather cool.
-Combines both the G1 and the Movie universes
-Peter cullen is voicing Optimus as usual
-Transformer action

The Bad
-The Voice acting aside from a few characters is downright terrible.
-The story is nothing amazing
-For ps4 the graphics look like ps2.
-Doesnt innovate enough

So all in all, this was a step back from the previous two games, if you enjoyed them and you enjoy transformer then yes rent this or even buy it for less than 20 bucks. I enjoyed it but it is not something I would pick up over and over. Fall of Cybertron is still the best TF game.

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