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GF Rating

Very Good

I expected to Hate This

posted by pswilliams986 (ROCKY POINT, NC) Aug 28, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

I'm not a fan of Transformers but I heard a lot of hype about Fall of Cybertron and it's predecessor. You play as a few different characters and they all play differently. The stages make use of each of the robots' special abilities and actually make them fun to use instead of feeling tacked on just to make the Trandformers all feel different. Transforming into "car mode" is really fun during the combat too. The voice acting is so good, this game actually manages to tell a story better then the movies. Really good game, one of the better ones this year.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Epic and very fun despite a few flaws

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Aug 26, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2008

Picking up right where "War for Cybertron" left off, "Fall of Cybertron" starts off with a bang and rarely slows up across the single player campaign's 13 chapters. Changing things up from the last game, where you chose which character to play, you're placed in the wheels of a different Transformer (varying between Autobot and Decepticon) in each chapter. The gameplay is varied up quite nicely, going from straight shooting levels with Bumblebee, flying with Vortex, stealth with Cliffjumper, and platforming with a grapple with Jazz. You also get to play as a couple of larger more destructive bots- the levels with Bruticus and Grimlock really let you loose your inner Godzilla. The final chapter is a rollercoaster ride, going from character to character on both sides until the final battle, where you choose a side, determining the ending. Even with QTEs, the final battle feels suitably epic and is a satisfying end to the campaign, which lasts anywhere from 10-12 hours. It's worth replaying, both for the alternate ending and to find any audio logs you missed the 1st time. Multiplayer is a blast to play, giving you five modes to choose from (Escalation, Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Capture the Flag, and Headhunter). Also, you can create your own character for use in the multiplayer modes in all four classes (Infiltrator, Destroyer, Titan, and Scientist). Each plays differently and gives you different advantages on the playing field. Graphics are well done, though they look blurry in spots (mainly later in the game). Controls are smooth and responsive, the voice acting and music is superb, and the story is pretty good. There are some issues that do crop up, however. There is some framerate slowdown late in the game, but it doesn't last long. The game did freeze on me a couple times, requiring a restart of my PS3, but not everyone may experience this. Despite these technical hiccups, the game is very fun and a must play for Transformers, action, and shooter fans. 8.5/10

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GF Rating

Very Good

Pretty good game...

posted by GStylez80 (WESTERVILLE, OH) Aug 26, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

I'm not the biggest Transformers fan and basically put it in my queue because of the lack of good summer titles. I was pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

-Good story (although I get the feeling it would've helped if I had played War for Cybertron)
-Great character variety, as you get to play as both Autobots/Dinobots and Decepticons/Insecticons (although you don't get to chose when that happens)
-Lengthy (took me 12 hours to beat on normal)
-Interesting weapons
-Good graphics (not spectacular, but good)

-As a third-person shooter, it felt weird for it not to have a cover system. At this point in the console generation, lack of cover system is not acceptable.
-Transforming was fun, but vehicle forms often felt the same regardless of the Transformer. Also, vehicles mostly glided along surfaces instead of feeling like driving like actual vehicles.
-Enemy variety was poor (although AI was pretty tough)
-Chapters with Grimlock and Bruticus weren't as much fun as I thought they should be (constantly hit "circle" to melee...and that was it).

Overall, I enjoyed this game. I did not delve into the multiplayer or escalation, as I don't really enjoy those types of game modes, so I won't judge those parts of the game. Just a fun game for the summer...would certainly recommend it.

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