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Transformers: Decepticons

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posted by ladysman21 (AUSTIN, TX) Aug 3, 2012

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Very Good

Buy first instead of second

posted by Legoguy (WESTBOROUGH, MA) Apr 9, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

This game was fun. The second was very hard and stressful. While the first easy and not hard. Here are some codes Armageddon mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock Armageddon mode. In this mode, everything that is destroyed explodes.
Collect 500 WiFi Tokens to unlock the Psycho Cars cheat. This cheat makes cars constantly hit you in Free Roam mode.

Stunt Car
Collect 750 WiFi Tokens to unlock the Stunt Car.

Infinite Energy
Collect 1,000 WiFi Tokens to unlock the Infinite Energy cheat. Alternately, get a 100% completion.

Collect 1,500 WiFi Tokens to unlock Scout.

Full health and no wanted level
While playing in Free Play mode, press Start. Then, go to "Vehicle Form" and select "Confirm". Press B to return to the game with full health and no wanted level.

Police chopper bonuses
When you have the ability to scan helicopters, scan a police chopper. After you do that, select that chopper and turn it completely black. You will now be capable of the following options. Note: You must have at least twenty cars, jets, etc. for these to work.

Level 5, invisible to enemies
Invincible to street autobots, police cars, etc.
Level 80, can fly through mountains, intangible, and unlimited energy.

Float to top of level
Go to any level with any vehicle form. The ability to climb walls must be unlocked. Star Scream is recommended. Go to the boundary of any level that is formed by a wall that you can climb. Once you find one, climb to the top. Once you reach the top, you will fall. The instant that happens, keep tapping X while holding Up so that you stay at the top of the wall, but keep loosening your climbing grip. Eventually your Transformer will look like it is going to get on or over the wall. Once this happens, do not move the D-pad. Your Decepticon will slowly float to the top of the level boundary. From here you can move your view and look around, but moving your character will cause you to fall to the ground.

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Above Average

I prefer the goodies.

posted by Gamerunion (SALINE, MI) Dec 21, 2009

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I played the autobot version of this game, and now that I've played both, I'd halve to say that Autobots is my favorite. Why? The reason is simple: as an autobot, you are good. But there is an upside to being an evil transformer: You have the freedom to attack humans.

You'll Love:
Freedom to attack humans
Scanning extra forms

You'll Hate:
Being evil
Lowering your self-esteem for your species
(Again) Being evil

I'd reccomend autobots instead.

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