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Transformers: Dark of the Moon


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Get War For Cybertron Instead

posted by Elogotar (CHARLESTON, SC) Jul 1, 2011

Member since Nov 2009

Rented it thinking that maybe High Moon could save this movie based game and that it might be a spiritual successor to WfC, but no dice. Short campaign with boring gameplay and the multiplayer was ruined by recharging energon (health) and over-powered Stealth Force. High Moon was closer to a great TF game with WfC. If you feel the need to kick butt as a transforming robot (I know I do!), then go get WfC and add to the sadly lacking player community for that game.

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just sad a greedy

posted by bayosaiyen (CLEARWATER, FL) Jun 23, 2011

Member since Jun 2010

whoever made this game must be crazy greedy they barely put any characters in or weapons at all there 3 weapons per class with so lame thats why nobody plays i bet there gonna make dlc for it in a month or so but there not gonna get new people to play if they charge for the dlc they should give it out for free to add mor characters weapons and abilities thats y already a week after it came out nobody's playing death match i cant start a game at all and i hate team deathmatch people just team u on u i liked deathmatch because it made you rely on your own skill and i am constantly getting lagged out my connection to the host is always being cut off and you can only go as high as level 20 omg transformers has stopped being about making kids smile and all about making money they dont care about making transformers fans happy they only care about getting mor money and i mean they dont care at all i mean dang there so greedy omg its just not right omg the game is so laggy to crazy laggy

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posted by eelchad (NEW YORK, NY) Jun 22, 2011

Member since May 2008

This game sucks in all departments. Graphics are absolute terrible looking and the Gameplay is repetitive and boring. Campaign is short thankfully cause i dont think i couldve took more time with this lame game. Im suprised this game is so bad because high moon did an excellent job with War for Cybertron. IMO this is a rental at best. Even the die hard transformer fans will be dissapointed in this.

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