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GF Rating

Really Bad

Not a thinking game

posted by roseofdoom (KENT, WA) Jul 11, 2008

Member since May 2005

First of the puzzles in this game are easy. The hardest thing is you have to put a gear somewhere.
The main charter is a complete idiot, yet everyone tells her she is really smart. And some puzzles are just dumb. At one point there was a door that needed to be opened by a code of two symbols, but the code was right next to the gate. This game is easy and has a really bad story. THe game is also just meant to show case what the ds can do. At one point I had to through a rock onto a hand which played more or less like basket ball. I don't want my puzzles to be sports. The game feels like myst 4 with it's camera only it's myst 4 for people who can't think. This game is not meant for people who want a quick game or people who want to use thier brain. I beat the first level in about an hour.

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GF Rating


Sorry, just not a very good game

posted by drawers (ROME, NY) Jul 22, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

The only plus I can give this game is some creative use of the DS stylus and mic during a few of the puzzle.

The story was dull and predictable. The graphics weren't bad, but weren't anything to write home about. The music and sound effects were par or worse and most of the puzzles were really easy.

Also, the game was short, just a few hours. There is a new game plus option, but there's no way to skip through cutscenes to speed things up and I can't imagine playing through the whole story again just for some minor bonus material like different journal entries...woooh.

I'm usually pretty soft on games and don't rate them harshly unless they really don't bring anything to the table. This game really doesn't bring much to the table so it gets a 4. Definitely not a buy, and bottom of the queue if you wanna rent. I'm sure many other games in your queue will be better than this one.

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GF Rating


good story

posted by loto128 (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) Jan 28, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

Great storyline, really gets you into it- but the game is incredibly short, the play control is finicky, and pretty frequently you hit dead ends about what to do next besides poke random objects until something happens- you arn't really given much direction. The solutions were clever in a few of them, though. A good rental game, overall.

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