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Trace the Memories

posted by Bryce1442 (BELLEVILLE, IL) Jun 28, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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Blood Edward Island. You're going there to meet up with your father, who you thought was dead. He should be meeting you at the docks. But for some reasons he's not there. So you're Aunt, who raised you and came with, goes to look for him.

She does not come back and you get worried. You stumble into the forest and hear her scream! After a bit of investigating you figure out how to lower the bridge: use the stylus. Next you find a graveyard. A boulder blocked the way out of the cemetary. How could we move it? Yep. The stylus. You then meet a ghost named D.

Now, for the rest of the game, you and D must explore the Edward Mansion to find clues about your mother, who you have no idea of her being alive... or dead. Along with your memories you must also trace D's and the mystery of his almost-entire family's death.

A TON more DS interactivity also follows. From blowing into the MIC to dust off a portrait to stamping a piece of paper by closing, and then opening, the top DS screen. And there's even more than that!

ALL artwork is amazing. It is probably the best ever for the DS.

Now, I know that you have heard the game-length is short. But it really doesn't matter. And that for two resons:
A. The story is so incredibily complex (and yet simple at the same time) and captivating that you won't want to set it down.
B. You're renting it from GameFly, so there isn't any worries.

In the end I give game a 9/10 for being stunning in about every way, except for length, which is made up for by the great story line and the fact that you're renting, not buying.

Final Rating: 9/10 for the official site rating.
9/10 for renters.
7/10 for buyers.

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Short but sweet

posted by aestias (CHELMSFORD, MA) May 29, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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If you're into investigation and mystery games then this is for you. You explore the past of a girl named ashley and the mysterious "D" that you meet in your adventure. Overall this game is very good and uses the touch screen very well. My only complaint is that the game is very short. You could beat the game in about 2~3 hours. This makes it perfect renting quality! It may be short but it is definitely worth playing!

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This is a great game but very short. If you don't

posted by GameMom (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Feb 6, 2007

Member since Jul 2005

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This is a great game but very short. If you don't have a lot of time to play through a game this is the perfect game for you! You are playing as a young girl who has lost both her parents or so she thinks. As you play through the game on a mysterious island you pick up clues and figure out puzzles to your past and the past memories of a young boy you know only as D. There is an extra puzzle at the end the game the second time around but it isn't worth playing through a second time, although I think it is a clue to the next game. I hope this helps! Enjoy!

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