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Good game for preschoolers

posted by Castles88 (CRESWELL, OR) Dec 11, 2009

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We played these games on the actual ride in Disney World.. so of course totally got excited when they came out with the game. But... It was really boring really fast.. we each played it twice..but my 7 yr old lost interest quickly. Levels are very easy.. they explain what you need to do each time, no way to skip thru it so you sit and wait alot.
I think it would be a great game for a family with preschoolers and kindergarteners.
Glad we didn't buy it.. a great one to rent for some cute entertainment.. but you probably won't keep it long.

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One Forgettable Story

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Sep 18, 2009

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With the release of Toy Story 3 sometime in the middle of 2010, and the showing of Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D, now is the perfect time for Disney/Pixar to sponge more money from their audience.
How? By making a substandard party game, Toy Story Mania. There are two modes of play.
The first mode you can play is the Story Mode - that has no story in it whatsoever. In this mode, you select a set of six games. Each set centers around one character from the films - Bo Peep, Buzz, and so on, plus one with games set in 3D (You need to get your own 3D glasses for this). Each set has six mini games in it.
Each mini game has a set of objectives every player has to achieve - score a number of points, hit certain targets and so on. Tickets are awarded to players at the end of each mini game and at the end of each set of mini games. So far, so good.
The second mode is Free Play where players can pick from up to 30 mini games, but there’s a catch. To be able to play a certain mini game in Free Play mode, all of the objectives have to be met OR you spend some of your tickets (50-60) to buy the right to play the game.
If this compilation was meant to be played by the younger crowd, why lock up these mini games and force them to jump through hoops to win the right to play these mini games? Getting all the objectives can be tough, and getting the tickets to unlock the game takes quite some time. It makes a simple idea needlessly complicated.
A few more things about the games; they lack in variety. There are too many shooting games.
And it doesn’t help that the voiceover talks down to the players like they are little kids; this will turn off the older players.
So what else can you do with the tickets? Well, you can buy stickers for up to six pages - and use the stickers like the kids’ sticker books. But I say kids will have more fun with the real thing than this game.
Toy Story Mania is too confusing for the kids and too childish for anyone older. SKIP IT

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Missing the point

posted by maxpower36 (LAYTON, UT) Sep 21, 2009

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I guess I'm going to try to defend a game that I haven't played. From reading these first two reviews I think they missed the point of this game. This game is a take of a Ride at Disneyland (and Disneyworld) where you are in a cart and you go through different 3D screens shooting and trying to get points. The ride is way fun, and after you get out of the ride, you say to yourself when can I play this at home.
The game was never made to be like any movie. It was made to bring the ride experience home. With that said that ride is maybe 8mins long. Just long enough for you want to play it again. I can see a game like this after playing it for 30 mins you might drive yourself crazy. The key for me, is if this game is fun for the 30mins to hour. Is it something I am going to try to get a better score on in 6 months? If the game can do that, I would say its worth it. The price of this game is a little high, but with Disney thats expected.

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