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Doesn't break the mold of movie based videogames

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jun 22, 2010

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Toy Story 3, the videogame, is supposed to break the mold of your average movie based videogame by offering the player the freedom of playing with toys in any manner that player wants to.
But that claim isn’t met by the gameplay in this game; half of the game is your standard 3D platforming fare; go from point A to point B, jump over things, blast some bad toys. This part of the game roughly follows the plot of the movie (but that’s what almost every other movie based game does.)
The thing that promised to take Toy Story 3 off the bland movie tie-in list is the Toy Box. But you don’t get the freedom that the game makers promise.
When you get into Toy Box, you have to perform several fetch missions in the Western Town section: fetch muffins, a mule, cows, cowbells, jigsaw pieces, different types of outfits for aliens and townsfolk or several other items.
The other sections - Lotso’s Enchanted Glen, Sid’s Haunted House, Zurg’s Spaceport, Skate Park, and Stunt Park - are off limits.
To unlock them, you have to perform several of said fetch quests to make them available for purchase, then you have to gather up enough gold to purchase those play sections. (And it takes a while to get the 5000 gold piece price on some play sections.)
This is like giving a kid a toy box and saying you can’t play with the space toys until you’ve played two hours with the western toys. It’s not what I look for in a toy box.
Another problem with Toy Box is the modification of citizens/buildings. You can’t mix different types of outfits for the citizens or styles of buildings in town. If you change the look on one citizen, you change the look of them all to match. If you change the style of one building, you change them all to match. This doesn’t encourage creativity.
Toy Story 3 made grand promises, but it came up short of my expectations. SKIP IT.

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Not good

posted by sadgamer (SURPRISE, AZ) Jul 8, 2010

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I am very disappointed about this game since you are not able to complete the toy box the other character other then buzz ( not aloud to say his namein this review)roundup we are not able to do the things that you can on the x-box or the playstation. and are unable to get any father. my kids were very disappointed when they found the objects they were suppose to and were unable to use them and move on to the next part. we are not able to go into the zurg part of the game or the racing cause we can not get the people dressed like we are suppose to.

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Very Good

Pretty good and imaginative

posted by Dukesfan (CYPRESS, TX) Jul 31, 2013

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The controls aren't as hard as I thought it would be, cool graphics, and interesting levels that match the plot of the movie very well. The toy playing levels from the movie turned real is pretty good and accurate.

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