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To infinity and beyond...

posted by KalEl86 (LINCOLN, NE) Aug 1, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

For far too long companies have been releasing videogame based movies that were just bad. Taking advantage of gamers too young to know what effort really goes into a game. But Toy Story 3 sets itself away from the pack instantly. Good graphics, good voice overs, good gameplay. when my daughter and i first started playing the story mode i thought that this game is too difficult for it's target audience. But the difficulty is adaptive. Die too many times in one spot and the game adjusts its self to help the young gamer out. After the first level however, my daughter began to get bored with the game. Luckily the game has another mode, perfectly designed for younger kids. The Sandbox mode provides limitless fun not only for kids but for adult too. While my daughter ran around, mostly jumping in water for fun, i could help her out unlocking things for her to play with. No invisible barrier keeping us attached at the hip. It gave her a sense of independence to be able to run around doing silly stuff without the game, or me, trying to instruct her on what to do. This mode is almost 100% customizable, with numerous fun to be had. Playing as either Buzz, (cowboy character's name here because gamefly thinks I'm using it in a different context), or Jessie.

I give it a 9 out of 10 for its breakaway gameplay and for keeping my daughter entertained until the movie comes out on DVD.

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Very Good

First of Its Kind

posted by MyidolGwen (SAN JOSE, CA) Jul 16, 2010

Member since May 2007

Every single video game that is meant to market a movie is always simple, and is forced to stick to the storyline and provides no imagination. Not to mention, the graphics are usually basic, and all you do is go from level to level, finishing the movie's story, and CORNY feature, you get rewarded with movie clips of the movie. Congratulations! Here's fifteen seconds of a scene from Finding Nemo!
This game however, it is the first video game ever that is based off an animated movie that allows you to play away from the movie, you can customize and run your own town in the Wild West. Whereas I expected you just finish each level from the various settings in the movie. I feel a free will to do anything, you have many abilities, many options, free roaming, free world. You choose what to do, the game doesn't lay out your fate. This should be the model for future video games associated with animated or live action movies.

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Its an O.K. game 7.5 out of 10

posted by Slar3Spr33 (GREENBRIER, TN) Jul 5, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

The reason this game got the rank i gave it was because theres not really much to do in this game besides the toybox mode. The story is short and there are some parts in it where if any kid the age 8 or lower prob. would not be able to get past and thats where you get dragged in as a parent. For achivements (forgive my spelling) Hordes
this game is really not worth your time because honestly some of the achivements are just kinda hard in a way and to bland like complete this and do this and purchase this in toybox mode. Stuff like that but overall the toybox mode is great if you have a kid who loves toy story you should get it just be warned there are some parts he or she might need help with and they can be boring at times.

XBL:Slar3 Spr33

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