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Is the Single Player anything new?

posted by DungaDubal (MURRIETA, CA) Jun 18, 2010

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Not really, no. The Story Mode, as standard as it is, is pretty fun and the games slowly increasing difficulty may help the younger ones pass through the levels without to many problems. But, there is most definitely an age limit here. After spending 4 hours watching a 6 year old try to beat more than 3 levels was pretty torturous. Not only could he not pass through the simplest of objectives, but i was left to fill in the parts he couldn't (about 90% per level). Which is why I'm going to have to say that the Story Mode is absolutely not for anyone under 10 years old. So be warned, you may be stuck playing loads of difficult parts if you get this for your little ones, which isn't much fun at all.

The good news?
The Toy Box mode is made for even the youngest of gamers!!! More fun than the Story Mode and more engaging as well. The Toy Box mode lets you build up your own town however you see fit. Run it how you want.. Adding new buildings, painting and decorating them as you go. Watching over townspeople and making sure they're dressed to your liking is almost as much fun as picking them up and kicking them into a nearby cactus. But the most fun might come from the constant hunt for new collectibles to deck your Toy Box out with. Clothes, Hats, Hair and all sorts of Building accessories can be found. It's nearly endless. Races, Gold Mining, Parachuting, Recreating Photos and many more activities really fills out this half of the game.

Now, the lack of online play really seems to hurt both sides of this game. While you cannot share your Toy Boxes with friends or play any of the Story Mode with online pals (which really seems like a must for this game and its difficulty) You can play with a Split-Screen partner! so if you got any kids or friends nearby, turn on that second controller and have yourself a blast playing as W00DY, BUZZ or JESSIE...And remember, No Toy Left Behind.

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Best children's video game ever made?

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Jun 19, 2010

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I would vote to say this could be the best children's video game ever made...what gave that away. This game is even fun for adults, but a kid could spend 50-70 hours playing this game easily. It's amazing how creative it is and how 'open' the environment is, just like a sand box.

The little LEGO-like characters that roam the city map are hilarious, and have endless customizing. You can change any person's appearance, buy literally picking them up and throwing their little body into the tailor or hat shop. It's so funny and creative. The whole game kids will absolutely love--just because they can roam around and do whatever----whether it's kicking all the little citizens like soccer balls as they fly away and make funny noises, or dig up gold in the ground to collect coins, or complete the various mini missions that will be in display at all times. That was the longest 'sentence' ever.

It's unbelievably simple but yet so creative and unique. For example, once you access the map you the sheriff have the option of customizing any building. Walk up and push X and then you can change the wall colors, paint, trim, doors, windows, roof, and etc. No joke. All color and design, so that a girl could make every building in town pink, and a boy could make them black with spikes or something.. if he's emo kid.

The gameplay is fantastic! It's easy and the missions are so fun. It's not just Buzz does space and Wooody does cowboy stuff. There are like a hundred totally unique cool stuff to do, with so many collectibles and treasures to find.

All that aside, the game is FUN. You have missions riding horse races, car races, space missions, competitions, skating, and more.

----GAME NEEDS UPDATE BAD--- That is the only downside as of playing 6-18-10 with none yet. It's frozen 5 times when trying to change between maps and not use a load screen (dumb idea). It's glitched out a dozen times, and there are so many other errors. NEEDS UPDATE

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Very Good

Fun game to play but...

posted by JBHermit (HERNDON, VA) Feb 8, 2011

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the game is WAY to difficult for it's target audience. My 4 year old enjoyed playing it though he could never get very far further into the game because it just became a frustration, but it was still a fun game to play and he'd watch. The Toy Box area was the highlight for him. Once he found out he could make the Lego people into Wall-E and Eve...forget it...that's all he wanted to do...all the Lego people ended up being Wall-Es and Eves.

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