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Just Another Basic Button Mashing Fighter

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 10, 2010

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When the arcade game Mortal Kombat 2 came out, one of the biggest conflicts was about the moves list. The company making the game didn’t like the fact that the moves list for each character in that game was being made without their consent (that includes the Fatalities).
Many players shot back saying they wouldn’t spend a whole lot of money finding the moves through trial and error.
Present fighting games avoid this conflict by putting the moves list in the games they put out for the consoles. But that’s not always the case.
The Tournament of Legends (a 3D fighter) has an in game tutorial that gives the basics on how to move, block, do a basic attack, a power attack, an unblockable attack, an enchanted attack, a throwing attack, special moves and how the armor works using the Wiimote/Nunchuck combo.
But it doesn’t tell what the special attacks are, how to exactly pull them off, how to pull of basic combos, or how to pull off a combo with a special attack thrown in.
And the Wiimote/Nunchuck combination is clunky, not very intuitive, and it assumes that you hold the Wiimote in your right hand (not good for us left handed players.)
Moreover, that tutorial DOES NOT tell how to pull off any attack, block or special move using the easier method of control, the Classic Controller.
So most players will play this game as your basic button mashing fighter - all the depth that the game makers claim that the game has is lost due to the fact that they didn’t show us this depth of gameplay.
And that’s too bad; this is a good looking game, there’s a great selection of fighters available with different weapons and enhanced abilities, and some of the fighters’ stories are interesting.
So let this be a warning to future makers of fighting games for consoles: Give us all the moves for all the fighters. In other words, if the AI knows the move/ability, you have to tell us that move/ability.
The Tournament of Legends doesn’t measure up to legendary status. RENT IT

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Tournament of Legends

posted by manufan89 (PEABODY, MA) Jul 11, 2010

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Or should I say Tournament of Eh.

This game could of been the Wii's Soul Calibur franchise. It has some cool elements to it like the story lines to each character, the fact that it has many types of heroes from mythology and could of of been a game that could of sold millions if done correctly. But, once again Nintendo did not give us a good game. They should of send it back to Sega and said that it was a good started, but if you add X,Y, and Z it could be better.

Any game that shouldn't, but still ends up requiring swinging the Wii remote ends up being a failure. The controls are poor at best if I can say in the least. They are not responsive and suck out any real fun in the game. When will game developers realize that only sports games (not all the time), sword fighting (not all the time) and puzzle or family games (not all the time) work best with swing the remote. Games like this needs to be a button smasher. This game should of been able to use the Game Cube controller which would of made this game great.

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Really Bad

Sega Strikes Out

posted by quadacious (TYLER, TX) Jul 30, 2010

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Sega has had alot of hits over the years, one of the most famous, sonic the hedgehog. But this game is by far the worst Sega game to date. To start, the graphics are mediocere and the controls don't respond sometimes. Next, the story mode is extremely short and has a weak storyline. Then there is the fact that in story mode they don't even teach you any moves you have to figure them out yourself! This game is not something to rent or buy. Trust me, don't waste your time with Tournament of Ledgends. Thanks for reading quadacious

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