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What is wrong with all of you???

posted by Rickmus66 (TIMBERLAKE, NC) Jun 24, 2009

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I got this game and yes at first it is not easy to shoot or even play.But I sat with it for about an hour and figured out 90% of how to play it.And it is an awesome game.The prob is with most people who rent it is they want a game they can plug and play.No brainer games.They dont like games that challange there minds.So they say its awfull cause they cant figure it out.
Once you get used to the play it is very life like.I never did figure out how to break very well but thats ok.I didnt make it very far in the ternament but its all good.You can raise the stick to do jump shots.Change your english.Go to over head view to make sure the shot is right.All kinds of features.Its a fun game.Im going to buy it from Game Fly.

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Above Average

You're on your own in this

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 19, 2009

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It's time to rack 'em up and play some pool. In Tournament Pool, you create a character, give him a name and start your journey through six pool halls. You start off in Los Angeles, go to San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York and finally, Miami.
In each tournement (8 or 9 Ball), you play six rounds - the first two are a best of three, the second two are a best of five and the third and final two matches are a best of seven racks. Winning all six rounds gets you to the next location.
But if you lose, you get three more tries to get through the tournament. Fail all four times and you have to start that perticular tournemnt over again.
The controls for shooting the basic shots work well. But when I had to make a more complex (or combination) shot, things went wrong.
Causing the problem is the Help section, which is of almost no help at all.
There, the game shows you how the AI pulls off a jump shot, performs a break shot, and declares which ball to be potted in which pocket (in nine ball)
But it doesn't show how the PLAYER can make those shots or declare which ball to pocket.
I would've like to know where to hit the cue ball and how hard to hit it to make a jump shot.
I would like to know what's the difference between hitting the cue ball high to hitting the cue ball low. Nope, the Help Section is no help.
The game also makes declaring a ball/pocket much harder than it should be. Here's an idea: just go into the overhead view, click on the ball you want to pocket and click on the pocket you think that ball will go into.
But nope, Tournament Pool won't let me do that, and I lost games because of this.
The best way to play Tournament Pool is with another human player, as the field is level, and you can also play Snooker and Bar Billiards on top of eight and nine ball.
Too bad you have to win all six tournaments in Single Player mode if you want to unlock all venues for multiplayer mode. All the halls, players, and game equipment look stunning. This game's great to look at.
Tournament Pool is a good game for multi player fun, but the lacking Help option sinks the cue ball in the corner pocket. RENT IT.

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Really Bad

hard to figure out

posted by granmamab (Owings Mills, MD) Feb 8, 2010

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I thought this would be a fun game. But I was wrong. It is too hard and too stressful to figure out. Not worth the trouble.

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