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Fun but not perfect

posted by smalowman (ACTON, MA) Jun 26, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

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Touch the Dead is an on the rails zombie shooter which means that the game moves for you and all you can do is shoot, shoot, shoot, reload, than shoot, and shot some more. Or in this case tap, tap, and tap some more.

Story- Really none to speak of. Your a prisoner named Rob Steiner and one day you wake up and find a gun. Than you find zombies and shoot them. Really nothing else, you never know why the zombies are there all you know is that they want to eat you.

Game play and controls- As I said before its an on the rails shooter and you tap to shoot. To reload you drag ammo to the ammo clip from one side of the screen to the other. This is very hard but in a good way because it adds challenge to the game. Every weapon is mapped to one direction on the d-pad. The pistol is down, the shotgun is left, the crowbar is up, and the SMG is right. Speaking of weapons the pistol has infinite ammo, but the shotty and SMG don't. Every weapon is good but the crow bar is only good for certain things so don't expect to use it alot. Whats very cool is that you can remove limbs separately like arms, legs, heads, and even blow holes through stomach's, The more limbs you blow of the more points you get for bonuses like art and clips.

Level design and graphics- The graphics are bad and not interesting at all. The zombies only come in two forms fat and skinny. There are also alligators, bats, weird robots, rats, giant rats, and face eating slugs. There are also some bosses that are interesting but nothing amazing. There are alot of different areas in the only 4 missions. Theres the jail, the sewers, the labs, the rooftops, the mines, the swamp, the forest, the airport type thing, and the warehouse that has alot of boxes in it.

Sound- Sound design is ok but some of the moans groans and squeaks could have been scarier.

Replay value- Low

Overall- A very fun game but the graphics are bad, there is no story, no good zombie design, and its very short. But its a load of fun!!

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the best game ever

posted by Kennys (OBETZ, OH) Jun 8, 2008

Member since May 2008

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i love it when you get unlimited bullets for all guns it the best part of the game that's why you should beat the game

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Touch of the dead; good or ugly.

posted by trick1801 (PORTLAND, OR) Feb 1, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

the game itself is a complete offspring of house of the dead.
very slow reloads and not great looking graphics. I never got far in the game but it wasn't that fun. The controls were simple. Your stylus is the only thing you depend on throughout the game. Like shooting zombies you tap them. And reloading you use the stylus to slide more bullets into your gun. Its easy to die and I dunno. Play it yourself and decide if its Good or Ugly.

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