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Totally Spies: Totally Awful

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Apr 1, 2009

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It's bad enough they have to make another mini game compilation for the Wii, they also have to dig up a cartoon series that went off the air (in USA) a few years ago. I say enough with the mini game compilations.
Totally Spies: Totally Party has two modes. The first is an Adventure mode, a third rate Mario Party clone where players face off against the AI.
When anyone lands on a star space for the first time, they play a mini game. Complete the mini game, and a trap is placed on the square. When the player's (or AI's) opponent lands on that space, that opponent takes damage.
There's also a gadget space where players get gadgets to add to their roll, go to a mini game space, inflict damage on the AI and so on.
Winner is the one who doesn't lose all their life first.
The mini games are (predictably) mixed; some are fun like shooting aliens and landing on the roof of a high rise building.
And some are awful like talking to a cute guy by randomly picking buttons to fill a heart meter or running away from a vacuum.
But the worst part in Adventure mode is waiting for the AI to land on the trap I've set so I can get the game over with.
And when the game's over, I get hit with cut scenes where the words said by the leader of WHOOP come nowhere near to matching his mouth movements. They took scenes from the cartoon and sloppily slapped on the voice acting.
The second mode of this compilation is a simple play any game you unlock via multiplayer. You can't get any more basic or bland than that.
Oh, and you can unlock outfits for the ladies, but these graphics are so bad that it looks like an early GameCube game, so this feature doesn't add much.
Totally Spies: Totally Party is yet another forgettable mini game compilation. SKIP IT.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

The game is alright!

posted by ReiNene (BAKERSFIELD, CA) May 13, 2009

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After playing this game I felt what was I thinking. If your over the age of 10, this game will be way to boring and pretty easy. I mean I see there trying to make use of the Wii remote but there are better games out there, especially party games. For instance, if you want a party game to play, my recommendation is "Mario Party". Sure you can change their outfits but that's pointless because when your playing the story mode you can barely even see the colors of the outfits. You can see them when you do the fashion show tho. Whoo hoo. Extra hoo. Sound wise, talk about really bad dubbing. They took the voices and the lines from the show and didn't really sync it with the characters. When Jerry is talking, the words out of his mouth are either early or too late. I rather watch one of those bad Japanese movies. To sum it up, if there target audience was to the age of 12, they failed miserably. This game has no replay value at all and quite frankly just to boring and easy. Take my advice, pass on this one and play something more credible like "Mario Party". Now that's a party game worth playing. Word.

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posted by wolf_gamer (FOUNTAIN CITY, IN) May 5, 2011

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nothing really happens so I name this game BORING and not a game for anyone. Thanks for your time.

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