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Total Recall


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GF Rating

22 ratings

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Movie Description

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone star in Total Recall, Paul Verhoeven's interpretation of a Phillip K. Dick story that deals with identity theft and mind wiping. In the year 2084, Mars is colonized and the oxygen trade is huge business among the enclosed cities. Back on Earth, a construction worker named Quaid (Schwarzenegger) has disturbing dreams of Mars. Against his wife's (Stone) wishes, Quaid gets his mind implanted with fake memories of a vacation on Mars from the Total Rekall Corporation. When it goes horribly wrong, Quaid suspects a dark secret and races to Mars to seek the truth about an interplanetary conspiracy full of double agents. And when ancient aliens are uncovered, things get explosive for Quaid on the red planet!

Specs & Requirements

Length 113

Special Features Commentary by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Paul Verhoeven. Imagining Total Recall Documentary.

Theatrical Release Date 1990

Subtitles English, Spanish

Screen Format 16:9