Rent Tornado for DS
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GF Rating

36 ratings

Game Details

  • Number of Players 1
  • Wireless Players 2

Comic Mischief

Game Description

An evil prince has created a black hole and stolen everything from the world! As a member of the Cosmic Cleaners, it's your job to use your one tool - a tornado - to scoop everything up and put it back in its place. Start by drawing circles on the Touch Screen. Once your tornado gets going, you can use it to scoop up people, cars, trees, houses and even buildings and cruise ships. Use the Mic to make your tornado dash in one direction quickly. Quirky humor and fun are present from the very beginning: Expect to suck up the Queen right along with Buckingham Palace in this Katamari-style gather-everything-you-can game!

Critic Reviews

GamesRadar Review (4.0 out of 10)

Tornado A windy Katamari-wannabe that both sucks and blows As wicked witches, Midwestern US school children who have to sit through countless disaster drills, and that cow from the movie Twister will tell you, tornados are bad news. And now, DS gamers have a good reason...more

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Specs & Requirements

Modes Story, Arcade, Wi-Fi Versus

Wireless DS Multi-Card Play (1-2)

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