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Also on:Wii, Xbox 360
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A good start (Bronze)

TOP SPIN ACADEMY - Complete all the Basic Lessons.

Teacher's pet (Bronze)

TOP SPIN ACADEMY - Complete all the lessons.

Rookie (Bronze)

CAREER - Reach the 'Rookie' status.

New Talent (Bronze)

CAREER - Reach the 'New Talent' status.

Young Gun (Bronze)

CAREER - Reach the 'Young Gun' status.

Rising Star (Bronze)

CAREER - Reach the 'Rising Star' status.

Legend (Gold)

CAREER - Reach the 'Legend' status and finish the game mode.

2K (Gold)

Win 2000 points in any game mode.

More unlocks! (Gold)

Unlock 75% of the game.

Platinum (Platinum)

Unlock all the trophies in the game.

The Greatest (Gold)

CAREER - You're now the greatest player in tennis history.

You're not kidding anymore (Silver)

WORLD TOUR - Reach a grade of 15.

Less than 24 hours (Silver)

WORLD TOUR - Play a match less than 24 hours before end of season when you are in the Season top 100.

Golden boy (Silver)

Unlock all the skills of a Gold Coach.

Someone else? (Silver)

Beat all the 25 licensed players in any game mode.

True Top Spin geek (Silver)

Play 250 matches.

Real Tennis format (Silver)

Win a singles match in 5 sets / 6 games / No Super Tie-break.

Inside-out (Bronze)

Score 30 winners with an inside-out shot.

Sorry… (Bronze)

Win a point on a let.

Metronome (Bronze)

Win a rally of 8 strokes or more with only good and perfect timing (singles only).

Rise of the Ball Machines (Bronze)

Play 50 balls sent by the ball machine in the Practice Ground.

Superstar (Silver)

CAREER - Reach the 'Superstar' status.

Always better the first time (Silver)

WORLD TOUR - Win your first Grand Slam Tournament.

Tennis for two' (Bronze)

Win a doubles match.

Tennis teacher (Bronze)

Win an online singles match (3 sets of 3 games / Super Tie-Break) without losing a game.

Tennis elbow (Bronze)

Lose an online singles match (3 sets of 3 games / Super Tie-Break) without winning a game.

Volley master (Bronze)

Score 150 winners at the net.

Love the games to love (Bronze)

Win 25 games to love.

Drop Shot artist (Bronze)

Score 20 winners on a drop shot.

Warming up (Bronze)

WORLD TOUR - Win your first Direct match.

Gender equality (Bronze)

WORLD TOUR - Play 20 matches in Male WT and 20 matches in Female WT.

No pain, no gain (Bronze)

WORLD TOUR / CAREER - Complete 20 Special Objectives during Sparring Partner Trainings.

It's alive!! (Bronze)

Create a player.

White board (Bronze)

Hire a coach.

Completely developed (Bronze)

Reach a level of 20 with a created player.

Star (Bronze)

CAREER - Reach the 'Star' status.

Dream match (Bronze)

CAREER - Win your first Dream Match.

For the Flag (Bronze)

CAREER - Win a match for your country.

King of the Court (Bronze)

KING OF THE COURT - Play one King of the Court game.

The Undisputed King (Bronze)

KING OF THE COURT - Win a King of the Court game without losing any sessions.

First step of the tournament (Bronze)

WORLD TOUR - Win your first Tournament match.