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Pretty Good, But Still Dissapointing

posted by johnsrevie (CUPERTINO, CA) Feb 15, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

I rented this game, as well as renting Virtua Tennis 2009 and Grand Slam Tennis. Out of this group, I have to say that this tennis game was the most disappointing.

This game actually does have good graphics, and it has a fairly interesting "association mode" where you create your own player and try to get him to a #1 world ranking. However, even though this may seem interesting, the gameplay controls ruin it.

The gameplay controls on this game are HORRIBLE, and I mean HORRIBLE. Don't think that you should rent this game because of the other reviews you saw. To control your players racket, all you have to do it shake the Wii remote in random directions. And, to aim, you use the nunchuk, causing for a weird experience. The controls of this game totally take out the Wii experience.

The multiplayer is actually pretty good. There is the party mode, where you can see the rankings of each game. As always, the bad gameplay experience takes away from the party mode, but the good multiplayer experience is what saved this game from being a 4.

The Verdict: Don't rent this game, even if you're an avid tennis fan. You may think it's actually pretty good because of my 5 rating, but that's just for the graphics. The gameplay isn't that good. Unless you constantly have friends over, then this game wouldn't be a good choice.

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Grand Slam is better

posted by GrandeMoch (WATERFORD, MI) Jan 26, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

I like just using the Wii remote. You have to use the Wii remote AND the numchuck. WAY too complicated.

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How bad can tennis on Wii be? Worse than pitiful!

posted by Funfan12 (ALEXANDRIA, VA) Jun 7, 2009

Member since Oct 2005

I first played this at a video game store for a bit. Now, Wii Sports, when released in 2006, started off the Wii and was a lot of fun, and it included tennis. But, you may ask yourself, how bad can tennis on the Wii actually be? The answer is worse than pitiful with Top Spin 3.
The graphics are awful and might look nice on the N64 or some old system but awful for the Wii. The game doesn't tell the difference between your swings so you actually just go around flinging your racket like an idiot.
There are few people to play as, and the game doesn't have many levels. It's ultra-short and there is no replayability value.
Top Spin 3 is definetely a candidate for Worst Wii Game of the Year. SKIP IT.

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