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GF Rating


Good physics with a questionable control scheme

posted by eugene22n (LOS ANGELES, CA) Oct 3, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

The aspects that make this tennis simulation stand out from the others are the physics and control scheme.

The physics engine is accurate in the sense that the game really does punish the user for not paying attention to court position and accurately depicts momentum based on the court surface. On the highest difficultly setting the game is challenging.

The control scheme has you hold a button and then release it to actual hit the ball. This is controversial because it tend to feel clumsy. The accuracy and power of the shot is based upon the timing of the release, the length of the hold, and the movement of the player.

The graphics in the game are good, but I wish there were more players. The career mode is weak featuring progression without any "story".

If you are a fan of tennis or tennis games this game is probably worth checking out at least for a little while.

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this game is the reason i subscribe to gamefly

posted by chocl8man (SAN DIEGO, CA) Aug 18, 2008

Member since Apr 2005

tennis is fun to watch fun to play and fun on every console. even the previous top spin titles have been super. this game is horrible. we've been programmed: hit=press button. this game requires you to do the total opposite. it makes you relearn everything you've already learned by holding the button first and then when you're ready to hit, then you let the button go? come on, dont try to reinvent the wheel. the graphics are sick (hd is amazing). but i dont really play games for the graphics, they help but hey.
ps where are the williams sisters

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Missed Shot

posted by TylersDad1 (PHILLIPSBURG, NJ) Jul 25, 2008

Member since Mar 2003

Speaking as a fan of the Top Spin series, I was really looking forward to this game. Even though I had heard bad things about the controls, and didn't really like the demo, I wanted to give the full game a try before passing judgement. I don't like this game. The graphics are good, with the polygonal players looking mostly like their real-life counterparts, and the courts look very nice too. Even the animations are done well enough that at a glance, you might even mistake it for the real deal. But the problems started when I actually began to play the game. I can understand wanting to make the game feel more like real tennis, and they accomplished this by slowing the game down, but the controls don't feel intuitive at all. Even after going through the tennis school a couple of times for practice, releasing a button in order to hit the ball just feels "off" to me. The player momentum also feels overdone. I wish they had an option to switch to a more "traditional" style of controls, and in that way they could serve both hard-core tennis fans, and fans of tennis video games.
Another thing I wish was better is the roster of real-life players, which feels woefully bare-bones.
Plenty of people keep saying that if you keep practicing that you'll get better at it, and this is true of most things, but does it make it fun? Maybe for some, but not for me. I play games for fun, and after hours of practicing this game, I didn't come close to having fun. Some people are saying that if you don't like the new controls,to go play Virtua Tennis or something like it, but why sould I? The truth is, I used to, and still like the Tennis 2K series on the Dreamcast, but once I played the Top Spin series, it became my favorite tennis video game--mainly because it had a better "feel' to it. And by "feel" I mean that it didn't feel as arcadey to me. After playing this game, I can't say that anymore. If you have any interest in this game, definitely rent it first, and make your own decision.

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