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posted by kslim1 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jan 23, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

Boy all of these people rating this title bad are either crazy or just plain uncoordinated. I am having a blast with this game. What more can people ask for in a Tennis title? The graphics look awesome, the sound affects rock, and it is down right ultra realistic and a blast to play. I admit it takes some veteran hand I coordination and practice in the school provided, but boy, once you master this button release physic it really is entertaining. It almost feels as if you are swinging a real racket do to the movements of your player in conjunction with the button release timing. Also, creating your character is simply amazing and allowed me to come awful close to my self look. This game to me is worth buying and Tennis isn't even my favorite sport. Its just really really fun. Rent this game and play it,then buy it because I dont think another Tennis game will compare any time soon!! hail PS3!! Game on!

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Easily the best tennis game ever made

posted by edlglide (ATLANTA, GA) Jul 10, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

The title says it all -- no other tennis game is even remotely close to capturing the sport the way Top Spin 3 does.

The gameplay is phenomenal. There are minor flaws (the computer is far too good at serving out wide and at the net), but it feels like real tennis rather than glorified ping pong. There's strategy, timing, and, for maybe the first time ever in a tennis game, actual unforced errors on a fairly regular basis. Playing on clay feels different from playing on grass, and they both feel different from hard courts. It's one of the best sports games (yes, of ANY sport) I've ever played in terms of being a realistic, accurate simulation of the real thing.

The only major negative to this game is the career mode. The set up is okay, but all you can really do is play tournaments. There's nothing else to do -- no hiring and firing coaches, no training sessions, no sponsorships, nothing. I assume it's because they overhauled the gameplay, and they'll fix the career mode in Top Spin 4, but it's pretty bare bones as is.

However, the gameplay is so great that the career mode is still fun, and the online World Tour/online tournaments help make up for the lack of options in the career.

If you want the best tennis sim ever made, play this game. If you want arcade tennis (just mindlessly whacking it back and forth), check out Virtua Tennis.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Tennis Fans Only

posted by nolan1977 (COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA) Jul 8, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

The game is good. period. if your looking for a fast pace button smashing arcade pong, go play virtual tennis, If your looking for real strategy, real tennis physics and engine look no further. this is a(sim)game for the tennis fan. The game has to grow you, after a while the controls handle like a breeze. For those who say the game is to hard, One, go to tennis school, Two swallow your pride and set the gaming level to (VERY EASY). I'm not a tennis fan and I enjoy this game. If your looking for more tennis then what this game has to offer, put down your controller and pick up a tennis racket.

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