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I hate this game! and I Love this game!

posted by beweekly (VALLEJO, CA) Jul 1, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

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I hate this game! and I Love this game! I give this game a rating of "0 and 10".

This is not your typical VT3,TS or TS2.Forget about those easy game controls and get ready to learn and re-think the way you played tennis in the past.

The Love: This game has all the Hi def eye candy(720p) and realism of any tennis game out,hands downs. The sweating faces, the dirty appearance,tiredness,player poor shots,heart pounding fatigue,you name it.

The Love: It's a real tennis game folks,not for the faint of heart. You have to practice and be patience and then MAYBE you can win a game on "normal level." Once you do,(and it will take some time on any level other then "easy")you will feel great!

The Hate: The controls + player momentum is hard to master,if at all. With no computer assist in moving your player from side to side you will miss many returns. "Releasing" the button to hit the ball is not normal.

The hate: The game is slower and the control system is weak. But at the same time, it's PERFECT for this game of tennis because it's like REAL Tennis. Be warned: TopSpin 3 is not for the casual arcade-minded tennis fan.

The Hate: How can you have a Great tennis game WITHOUT the WILLIAM sisters,Sampras,and the other greats in it.

Rent it first!!

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Very little wrong with this experience!

posted by ProphecY25 (PISCATAWAY, NJ) Jul 23, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

There are little to no flaws in this games presentation and overall quality. The updated control system allows for enjoyable gameplay for casual users, and also exciting, challening gameplay for hardcore tennis fans that understand the way the sport is played. The first point of emphasis is the controls. They are a bit tricky to pick up for first timers. Personally I found the tutorial school very helpful before I entered into any competitive matches. There are very thurough tutorials that allow you to learn and master EVERY type of shot/situation that you will face against your oppenents. Once you get a feel for the timing of different shots you've won half the battle as timing is the most crucial element to learn. The presentation of each match is just beautiful! Crisp graphics, and great reaction cut scenes after each point to the level that you can read the lips of the players and actually make out what they are saying! A great feature of this game is it's online capabilites. You can take your created player through the games career mode, then bring that player online to compete against other gamers over multiple seasons with all of your stats recorded each "year". You compete in grand slam tournaments and side tournaments as if you were competing on a real tour. There is plenty of customization available to make your player as unique as possible, with namebrand attire from multiple well-known companies. Another fantastic aspect of this game is the number of stadiums/arenas/environme- nts you can play in. They are each extremely well done and will keep the scenery fresh as you progress through the game. The sound is great and really gives you the feel of a real match. Players fatigue throughout each point and also throughout the match, which is reflected in your shot making ability. With legendary players included in the career mode, and the online world tour mode, there is plenty to keep you playing this game and it gets a 9/10! -1 for no Nadal!!

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Glad to see the turn...

posted by maharaja (SYLVESTER, GA) Jul 17, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

Top Spin 3 was an excellent delight to my day when I received it. Of course I was seriously frustrated when I began play. The new controls are, let's just say awful for the first little while you play.

Do not give up though...once you have the controls down and get used to them, this is probably the best tennis game out there. As someone mentioned, similar to getting used to MLB 2k8...I completely agree.

This game is exactly what I have been looking forward to in the tennis genre. My previous favorite tennis game was TS1 & VT3 but it was WAY to arcady (VT3)...other than that, there hasn't been a tennis game this good since Mario Tennis on the N64.

Several of my friends played the game with me and hated it for the first 30 minutes, doesn't help that I was pounding them either! But after they were able to use the controls and become familiar with them, they fell in love with it all over again. I didn't think I would like another game other than TS1 as far as challenging and what not, but this trumped it for me. I definitely recommend!

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