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GF Rating



posted by trucknwolf (LACEY, WA) Apr 2, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

for a flying game it is very good. it is very challenging in the upper levels even on easy i have beaten on the first two n working on the 3 level setting and it is challenging...great job

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GF Rating


Good game fun to play

posted by a22shady (RIVERSIDE, NJ) Mar 12, 2012

Member since Aug 2009

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Overall the game is ok. It gives you several fighter Jets you can aquire however you can't use any of them until you have beaten a level and want to replay. I am not sure if you can do a new campighn and use all aquired Jets or not. The actual combat is not tht great it reminds me of playing TopGun for the Sega and the graphics look aabout as good. I would have liked the graphics in the whole overall game to have been a lot better especially being out on a PS3 but they were very lacking.

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GF Rating


Ace Combat: Top Gun

posted by shooterjunkie56 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Mar 18, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since May 2011

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

When I first played the demo for this game the game that instantly came to mind was Ace Combat Assault Horizon. This game is nearly identical to that game with similar feeling controls, similar objectives and a dogifght mode that feels no different from Assault Horizon, Top Gun Hardlock is just a bad attempt to be Ace Combat.
My initial impressions on this game were, cool a new game similar to Ace combat and hopefully a little better. But while I did get some fun out of this game I just couldn't help but think of Ace combat. Literally, the dogfight mode is even in this game and while it is a cool addition AC Assault Horizon had the same thing and did it better.

The graphics are alright. However, they have somewhat of a fuzzy quality at times but if you can look past that the graphics can be pretty descent.
The gameplay is identical to ace combat. No innovation was doen in this and I seriously suggest you stay away from it. But if you just crave more flying action than give this a rent.

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GF Rating

Above Average

It's OK

posted by Delta99 (THORNTON, CO) Aug 31, 2014

Member since Aug 2014

This game is more of an arcade game than a flight simulator. I was a little upset at first, but the game quickly grew on me and I enjoyed it. You get to fly several different jets including the iconic F-14, F/A-18, and F-15. I finally encountered a mission I could not complete, even on easy, so I sent it back. Playing the same mission over and over for hours with the same seemingly unbeatable challenge is not fun for me. It was great up until then

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posted by bigphil88us (KNOXVILLE, TN) Jul 1, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

This game is horrible. I put the game in and 30 minutes later out it came and sent it back to gamefly. The controls are horrible and not being able to fly from inside the cockpit is not cool.

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If I could Give It Less...I would

posted by Tyronepk111 (LAS VEGAS, NV) Dec 6, 2012

Member since Dec 2012

I played this game for about 10 minutes before sending it back. The gameplay is awful! For a flight game, there was no option to have classic flight controls which means that your flying is limited to turning with the joypad. Whenever the game deems it necessary, you have to perform random manoeuvres which only work half of the time. This takes all choice in combat out of your hands and the game leads you along too much. If this wasn't bad enough, getting a missile lock is almost impossible, resulting in me sending it back after 10 minutes playtime. If you want a good flight sim, go for something like Ace Combat, IL-2 or Hawx which are way better in every respect.

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GF Rating



posted by gbjay1 (TAKOMA PARK, MD) Mar 18, 2012

Member since Feb 2009

Soon as the "PARAMOUNT" movie studio Splash Screen appeared, I should have known they were planning a release of another "TOP GUN" flick. No problem there. After "Tom Clancey's H.A.W.X." [game 1] attempting to convince myself this was going to be a fun combat flying game to play, was something my brain wasn't willing to cooperate with.

While H.A.W.X. 2 was lacking compared to its original predecessor, its planning, development and performance easily surpasses "TOP GUN: HARDLOCK" which---honestly---looks more like a training project produced at the hands of young novice Game-Developers.

Aimed at "Teens", there's lots of racy, supposedly sassy dialogue voice overs that could possibly mimick movie talk. Personally, I've still got my fingers crossed that some Developer somewhere will produce a flight combat game superior to the Tom Clancy original... GBJ

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