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Top Gun: Combat Zones


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Also on:PS2
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116 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Top Gun: Combat Zones

Control Stick Pitch/Rudder and Roll
A Button Primary Weapon
B Button Secondary Weapon
X Button Cycle Weapon
Y Button Cycle Target C
Z Button Jink (hold and release)
L Button Brake
R Button Throttle
C Stick Look
Combo #1 Fly on Side (counter clockwise turn): Hold Control Stick Left
Combo #2 Fly on Side (clockwise turn): Hold Control Stick Right
Combo #3 Barrel Roll (counter clockwise turn): Tap Control Stick Right, and then hold Left
Combo #4 Barrel Roll (clockwise turn): Tap Control Stick Left, and then hold Right
Combo #5 Airbrake Manoeuvre: Tap Control Stick Up, and then hold down