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A Little Toooo Human

posted by x8Infinite8x (DECATUR, GA) May 28, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

OK The game is not bad, is simply ok. Baulder is the main character. He is an Aesir that serves to protect us but of course they those who say no, why the all powerful ange-uh um-aesir protect those puny humans. Sounds familiar. You will meet Thor and Low Key-pun intended- for this is a mythical story with a sci fi twist...Gameply THE CAMERA SUCKS You will ONLY fight hordes of geth and later husks boss battle is long and drawn its never difficult although you will die and as payment for it not sending u back u get death scene-more like movie- it gets kinda infuriating...oh and it glitches couldnt even finish, i was on the last level too. If your like me youll rent cuz of the demo, it wasnt that bad, it wasnt but ull get bored ull try to like it but im here to tell you dont waste your time but ull rent anyway despite of wat everyone says...ok
Music is alright it has good moments. ull get kewl powers...keep in mind dis is old...but this one power you get makes da game alright. also has cool armor and weapons umm dats it

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A novel game...maybe too novel.

posted by AdammReilly (ROUND ROCK, TX) May 15, 2013

Member since Sep 2011

I usually wait till I've completed a game to review it, but this game has me pretty aggravated right now, and I may be sending it back soon.
I like the concept, Viking mythology and technology crossed over to the human word. The story seems compelling, but is also a little chopped, and I'm sure it will fill out more later. It's an interesting reimagining of the mythos, and I really want to keep playing, just for the story, and I want to see where it goes. However, my biggest problem with the game is it's approach to combat. It does not use a normal button configuration for controlling your attacks. It uses the right stick to attack in the direction you press, which would be great, if it was more responsive and the character wasn't so slow with his attacks. I find myself constantly using both sticks, and frequently doing fierce/finishing attacks instead of regular attacks (with just the right stick). Weapons fire is also difficult to adjust to. You fire with the right trigger, and aim with the right stick, and only after aiming, you might actually lock onto a target. Some targets have multiple areas to fire at, and unless you hold the stick towards it, the targeting reticule will default back to the main body every time. Sometimes the reticule won't move when trying to change targets.
My second problem with the game is the animation that you are forced to sit through while the Valkyrie comes to claim your dead body. You have to sit and wait for the entire sequence to end before you will respawn, without the ability to skip it.
Another minor problem was that there was no in-game audio/visual adjustment settings. You have to go back to the main menu to adjust them. And they are very lacking. I would like to be able to adjust the sound layers separately, because the dialogue is sometimes lost under the battle noise.

I'm up in the air about sending this back sooner, but I might stick it out a few more days. The combat is really getting on my nerves though.

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story needs some work

posted by rabbithole (HUMBOLDT, NE) Mar 26, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

the game play is awesome but the story sucks the life out of the game.

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