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GODS OF WAAAAARRRR (may your hammer be mighty!)

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Aug 29, 2008

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yeah, i used a "hot rod" reference for a game review, what?

so "too human" IS a good game...but...

Fact: you cant tell someone that it is a FACT that a game is good in a review, u r only expressing an opinion.

so i write this review as my opinion, not some persuasive essay on how much you should love this game.

the PROS.

1: GREAT story. anyone who loves old mythology and science fiction (lets face it, if u like one, u prolly like the other) will love this. i found it incredibly interesting how the developers were able to almost seemlessly fuse scifi and nordic myth into one, complex story.
2: the visuals are really nice. the graphics themeselves are nothing breathtaking, but the depth and detail in the enviorments all come together with the mytho-sci-fictional feel/story.
3: solid gameplay. i quote another reviewer when i say it IS a jak of all trades, master of none. that is to say that this game covers all the elements of an action RPG, but doesnt exactly perfect them.
4: weapons. upgradeable, powerfull, big, fun. nuf said.

the SPLIT: omg, we havent seen one of these for a while, but i actually cant decide if i like the fighting mechanism or not. i DO like the ATTEMPT to do something new (the melee is all controlled with the right stick), but i dont like how it FEELS half the time. decide for yourself.

the CONS: just small details here and there. i think if they could do a sequel, given more time they could make the game REALLY inovative. the graphics, again, aren't PHENOMINAL, and i think i would have liked to seen some multiplayer elements thrown in, but otherwise...

this is an incredibly enjoyable game. the one thing i can say is that if you play games for the story and the world you get thrown into (coughcough-devilmaycryfa- ns- coughcough) and bizaare and intense action, you SHOULD like this game.

a definite rent. 8/10

this review brought to you by Pucheo Films on youtube. search Pucho for off-beat comedy and fun.

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Interesting story...but the game made me sick

posted by cranesnake (PATCHOGUE, NY) Sep 5, 2008

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Ok, my only disclaimer here is that I didn't play the game all the way through. I returned it after my husband finished the second "level" of the game (I played until about a third of the way through the second level.)

The whole idea of Norse cyber-gods was one I found interesting, which is why the game ended up on my Q. That part (what there was of it) didn't disappoint. If there had been more of the story I might have liked the game more.

The problems were two fold: the combat was unbelievably dull. You were either slogging through a lot of low-level enemies or facing a boss battle. There was nothing in-between, and the combat felt like it didn't really tie into the story much at all.

My second problem with the game probably had more to do with my gaming setup than anything else: the camera made me sick. Literally. The automation of the camera combined with my standard definition television gave me a headache after a few minutes of play, and would make me nauseous if I tried to play through it further.

If you have an HDTV this game might be worth your time. If you like hack-and-slash combat, this might be worth your time. If you're looking for the story, look elsewhere.

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Pretty Good

posted by Cros123 (SAN JOSE, CA) Aug 21, 2008

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The gameplay is fairly decent.The game has many flaws to it which bring down its it replay-ability, such as repitive combat, and unbalanced classes. This game had to much hype, but all in all it is a game that most people should rent.

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