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Above Average

Lot's of questions/Xbox Live is essential

posted by HippyVock (SEATTLE, WA) Sep 1, 2008

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A 6 is decent. Too Human is a decent game. I've played it for 47h 27min (according to the game timer) and I enjoyed my time with it. I will probably round out the game at 50 hours and then send it back to Gamefly because I'll never need to play it again as there are too many quirks in the structure of the game and the use of the controller during combat, that I just don't care to deal with it anymore. That's the gist of the 6.

There are only 4 levels. 4. That's it. I hated one of them - a lot (the 2nd level, in case you were wondering - the game calls it an ice forest, but you almost immidiately enter red, boring, flat, annoying cave platforms which are not very icy looking at all). The others were decent (there's that word again). One was blue. Another was green. The fourth looked a lot like the second. There are also, about, 4 different kinds of enemies. There are normal ones-and the various stages that all look alike. There are elemental enemies. There are big trolls. There are bosses. Maybe one or two others. That's it. All do the same thing - surround you mob style or bombard you from afar with missiles. Thousands of items and 6 different baddies to fight? That doesn't seem right.

The weapons are fun, and the guns really grew on me as I ended up really digging the laser rifle/grenade launcher combo. Fun watching enemies fly everywhere - and there are A LOT of enemies on screen at a time. Too many, sometimes. Of course, you can't permanently die. Yeah, there is absolutely no consequence to your actions. You could "get thru" this game in an afternoon (maybe two - couple of the boards are longer, like that second one again), but the game saves often and you're never left to redo anything. Co-op is great with two of the main characters (and none of the brain dead A.I. which do nothing to help anything AT ALL in single player campaign) to thrash the enemies.

You need Xbox Live for the in-game marketplace (and Co-op). Makes item hunting MUCH easier.

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Very Good

Don't believe the negative hype.

posted by Angelous (SALINAS, CA) Aug 21, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

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Seriously, don't believe all the press reviews and negative hype surrounding Too Human. It's a really fun game.

Yes, the game has it's flaws. But the core gameplay, the fighting and loot gathering, is excellent and addicting. You'll quickly find youself playing late into the morning while attempting to clear "just one more" area multiple times.

Once you cross over into co-op play over Xbox Live, the combat possibilies are endless.

Bottom line: Too Human is an awesome game. Just give it a chance and look past the negativity.

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To err is Too Human

posted by MidXIII (SPRINGFIELD, PA) Aug 25, 2008

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Let me get the good things out of the way first.

The good elements of this game:
The reinvention of the mythology - Its really cool that they took an old mythology and made it high tech.
The RPG style item customization - There will be many weapons and armor that you can build and customize.
Multiplayer is pretty good as long as someone runs (with blades) and someone guns.

And... thats about it.

Now the bad.

The play controls are bad and I mean REALLY bad, targeting is horrible. The use of the right analog stick for sword instead of using a button combination proves to be this games downfall. You'll be fighting the camera angle almost as much as the enemies on the screen. Often times you will target something to do a nice sword/gun combo only to have the sword part work and the gun part aim at another enemy, OR target an already dead one.

The other downside is the games areas are too big. Normally thats a good thing, but you'll be doing a lot of running around just to get to where you need to be with NOTHING happening. ESPECIALLY in Azier (AKA cyberspace). Tons of running just to get to the next mission.

And lastly, just about EVERY level is basically the same enemies slightly different. Its the same horde-like mentality with almost the same enemies every stage.

Bottom line. Too human is too bad to really enjoy.

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