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Very Good

Not perfect - but give it a chance

posted by dielkathan (JERSEY CITY, NJ) Aug 21, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

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Bottom line before my explanation:
Give this game a chance, it may grow on you
I hated it at first but have come to love it

This is my first review. I will also preface that I don't ever play RPG's as my time is limited for games and this genre tends to be way too long & way too deep.

Initially I was drawn to mixing Norse mythology & science fiction. Interesting if corny at times. Aliens meets the Matrix meets Lord of the Rings.

Yesterday I made the jump and simply bought this game.
I am not unhappy.

Fundamentally, I think that is my point. The game is beautiful. It tries to be epic in scale & largely succeeds. The scenery is great, the music is great, the visuals are great & movement is fluid.

This game has been largely slammed in the critical arena. Most notably for the lack of camera control. Admittedly, that problem exists, but you get used to it & quite frankly, it is not terrible.
The controls in general (I include the camera here as a lack of control) take ALOT of getting used to. But once you do, they become easy.

Having gone from COD4 to ninja gaiden 2 to this, I was mashing buttons and doing all sorts of dumb things, but once I settled into the control scheme, I was dispatching enemies with reative ease.

This is where the game will live or die. Can we players give a new control scheme a chance?

The games relies on random loot drops. You'll be tweaking constantly & that gets addicting. As I said, I don't even like RPG games in general, so this surprised me. It is done well.

The skill trees are decent & it allows you to remap if you don't like your choices. Great for someone like me not used to this.

As an action title, there is monotony to battle. I think that criticism is real too. Battles are horde-like & seem epic in scale each time. You don't fight 1 monster, you fight 50. Always. Some may like it, some won't. I do.

For everything unpolished, there is a gem here.

Give it a try - at least a rent

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GF Rating

Very Good

Jack of all trades, master of none

posted by Droppo (MOUNTLAKE TERRACE, WA) Aug 24, 2008

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2006

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This is an overall very good game. Lots of fun tearing up enemies in a number of different ways, collecting new armor and weapons in an rpg like way and leveling up a few skills on a Diablo-esqe skill tree.

Graphics are good. Not amazing. Sound and voice acting are usually good but not always. The story is pretty good, but there is an annoying love interest story mixed in. The combination of Norse mythology and future sci fi tech makes for a new and interesting world.

The camera is usually ok, but from time to time, you wish you could control it yourself. You can center the view with the left button sometimes, but there are times when the game takes over the camera and it sorta feels like the camera in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Since most games let you look with the right stick, I kept trying to do that at first, but that stick is your main attack controller. So everytime I didn't like what the camera was doing, I swished my dual wielded swords around (perhaps in anger). The camera isn't a deal breaker, but I can see that some people might complain.

Starting off the game, I was a bit underwhelmed. The beginning level wasn't set up to let me know it was just a beginning (almost training) level. Therefore, I was thinking that this was indicative of the entire game. After that area was finished and I moved on from there, the game opens up quite a bit. Options are many in weapons and armor. You can add runes to give your character bonuses. You have the ability to enter a different world to solve a few puzzles and open doors that were locked in the real world.

There's a whole lot of stuff to do in this game. It never really has let me down in any area and usually, it's a lot of fun. It doesn't set the bar any higher in any area though. It looks to be a bit replayable with different character classes, and you do have the option of staying human or getting cybernetic implants.

It's a definite rental and possible purchase if it happens to suit your style.

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Too Human defies Reviews.

posted by JMadisonIV (NEW CARROLLTON, MD) Aug 21, 2008

Member since May 2006

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Fact: Too Human has gotten terrible reviews from all the Major Review Sources, except IGN.

Fact: Too Human is better than pretty much all the reviews state it is. WAY better.

My personal opinions is that the reviews are the result of Game Producer Denis Dyack running is mouth too much, and causing folks to simply want his game to fail.

However, this games does not fail, at all. It is ridiculously fun, and when you really get going in a fight, it offers a nice adrenaline rush and makes you feel like a complete beast.

The difficulty ramps up significantly after the first level though, so be warned.

The thumbstick combat controls take some getting used to, as does the lack of camera control. You can't manually control the camera, but you can switch between several different Camera Schemes (by pressing Up or Down on the D-Pad). My suggestion is to set the camera on "Strategic". If works wonderfully, and you rarely ever worry about it afterwards.

The game has a very interesting premise, and the way they've adapted the Norse Myths the game is based on to the Sci-Fi setting is nearly brilliant. If you are at all even slightly familiar with the Norse Mythology, you will recognize a lot of what goes on.

Too Human isn't a game that everyone will like. But in my opinion, Silicon Knights has knocked it out of the park on this one, and I'll be playing it for a long time.

If you let the Official Reviews make your mind up on this, without giving it at least a rental to try it yourself, you will be doing yourself a disservice.

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