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Tony Hawk: Shred


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Also on:Xbox 360, Wii
GF Rating

94 ratings

Cheats, Codes & FAQs

The Start of Something Big (Bronze)

Complete a season on any Navigation Setting (Excluding Free Ride) (SP)

Ready to Ride (Bronze)

Calibrate the board

Eager Student (Bronze)

Tricktionary: Visit the Tricktionary for the first time

Adept Skater (Bronze)

Tricktionary: Perform every non-Signature Skate Trick at least once (SP)

Adept Boarder (Bronze)

Tricktionary: Perform every non-Signature Snowboarding Trick at least once (SP)

See You In Indianapolis! (Bronze)

Tricktionary: Perform 500 Ollies (SP)

Cro-Magnon Mania (Bronze)

French Alps: Complete a Trick Mode session in French Alps as Orgarth (SP)

We Come In Peace… (Bronze)

Huckjam Park: Complete any session in Huckjam Park as Xzrrt (SP)

Serious Playtime (Gold)

Complete each session type in each level on any Navigation Setting (Excluding Free Ride) (SP)

All-In-1 Shredder (Gold)

Acquire all Stars in the Game on any Navigation setting

Platinum (Platinum)

Unlock all other trophies

Claim to Fame (Bronze)

Enter your custom initials for the Leaderboard

I am the Law! (Bronze)

New Orleans: Complete any session in New Orleans as Officer Richard (SP)

A Troglodyte is Loose!! (Bronze)

Whistler Mountain: Complete a Point Rush session in Whistler Mountain as Orgarth (SP)

Whistle Blower (Silver)

Whistler Mountain: Acquire all 16 Stars

4 Étoiles sur la Montagne (Silver)

French Alps: Acquire all 16 Stars

Some Kind of Funhouse! (Silver)

Huckjam Park: Acquire all 12 Stars on any Huckjam Park level

Tony Would Be Proud (Silver)

Acquire all Stars in the Skateboard Tier on any Naviation Setting

Powder Prowess (Silver)

Acquire all Stars in the Snowboard Tier on any Navigation Setting

The New Pro (Silver)

Acquire all Stars in the Pro Trial Tier on any Navigation Setting

King of the Hill (Bronze)

Online Mode: Win a Scoring Spots session

Jambalayanism (Silver)

New Orleans: Acquire all 16 Stars

Down Under Daredevil (Silver)

Melbourne: Acquire all 16 Stars

Mediterranean Maestro (Silver)

Morocco: Acquire all 16 Stars

Hawaiian Hooligan (Silver)

Wallows: Acquire all 16 Stars

Meeting of the Minds (Silver)

Santorini: Acquire all 16 Stars

Going Steady with 2 Wheels (Bronze)

Manual Pro Trial: Maintain a continuous Manual for 500 feet on any Manual Pro Trial (SP)

Atmosphere Rotation (Bronze)

Big Air Pro Trial: Perform two 360° Spins in the same Big Air Pro Trial session (SP)

House of Horrors (Bronze)

Survival Mode: Survive the Huckjam Park Combo Level

Multiple Tricksters (Bronze)

Online Mode: Win a Trick session

Challenging' High Wire Act (Bronze)

Online Mode: Win a Challenge session

Bubbles Bubbles Everywhere… (Bronze)

Online Mode: Win a Point Rush session

Scared of Bubbles (Bronze)

Melbourne: Point Rush: Finish with a score of at least 75 without collecting any Point Bubbles (SP)

Shiver Me Timbers! (Bronze)

Morocco: Complete any session in Morocco as Seadog O' Banion (SP)

You Got HOW MANY Points?! (Bronze)

Wallows: Scoring Spots: Score 1,000,000 total points (SP)

Don't need no Stinkin' GRINDS! (Bronze)

Santorini Trick Mode: Score 100,000 points without using grinds (SP)

Great Wall Master (Bronze)

Acquire all 4 Stars on Beijing Big Air & all 4 Stars on Beijing Halfpipe

Groove Me Baby (Bronze)

Grind Pro Trial: Perform 10 Grind Transfers in a session on any Grind Pro Trial (SP)

Get a Real Skateboard! (Bronze)

Challenge Mode: Complete 15 total Insane Challenges

Reality Star (Bronze)

Challenge Mode: Complete all Videographer Challenges

Bags Packed (Bronze)

Unlock a new level

Steering Sensation (Bronze)

Unlock all Navigation Settings

Oh, the Places You Will Go! (Bronze)

Unlock every level in the game

Now You're Just Bragging! (Bronze)

New Orleans: Scoring Spots: Perform the bonus task of all 5 Scoring Spots (SP)

Making Hamburger (Bronze)

Tricktionary: Grind at least 500 feet in every type of Grind (Parallel, Slide, Angled) (SP)

Grabby McGrab Grab (Bronze)

Tricktionary: Perform 250 total Grabs (SP)

Skateboard Master! (Bronze)

Training Mode: Complete every Lesson in Skate Training on the Casual Setting

Snowboard Master! (Bronze)

Training Mode: Complete every Lesson in Snow Training on the Casual Setting

Well Balanced Individual (Bronze)

Complete a session in Regular Stance & a session in Goofy Stance (without leaving game - SP)

Control Freak (Bronze)

Complete a session on each Navigation Setting (without leaving game - SP)