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Tony Hawk's Underground 2


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Also on:Xbox, PS2, GC
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Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's Underground 2

GamePlay: When you bail, your Frustration Meter will come up on screen. Try to fill the meter up by rapidly tapping buttons in the order prompted, and attempting to throw a Tantrum. If you succeed in throwing a Tantrum, you'll earn a Freak Out bonus that you can use to start your next Combo.

Control Pad Move Skater. Control Trick Direction.
A Button Perform 50-50 Grind (When Near a Rail or Lip). Perform Wallride (When Near Wall or Building).
B Button Press to Crouch (Increases Speed and Pre-Loads Jump). Release B Button to Jump (or Ollie).
L Button Perform Flip Trick (In Conjunction With Any Control Pad Direction). Enter Nollie Position (Tap When on Ground). Enter Slow-Mo Focus Mode.
R Button Perform Grab Trick (In Conjunction With Any Control Pad Direction). Revert (When Landing). Switch Stance.
Combo #1 Control Pad Up Then Down, or Control Pad Down Then Up = Perform Manual
Combo #2 Tap A Button + Control Pad Any Direction (When Near a Lip) = Lip Tricks
Combo #3 Control Pad Up, Up Then Release B Button (While Crouching) = Boneless
Combo #4 Control Pad Up Then Release B Button (While Crouching) = No Comply
Combo #5 Double-Tap Control Pad Left or Right (While Airborne) = Quick 180 Turn
Combo #6 Ollie Over Fire Hydrant + A Button = Natas Spin

Control Pad Hold Down Button = Get off Board and Walk/Run
A Button Run. Slap Sticker on Wall and Wallplant (While Jumping Into Wall).
B Button Jump. Get Back on Skateboard.
L Button Lay Down Graffiti Tag
Start/Pause Pause