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Tony Hawk's Underground 2

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Also on:Xbox, GBA, GC
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Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Tantrums: When you bail, your Frustration Meter will come up on screen. Try to fill the meter up by rapidly tapping Triangle Button, and attempting to throw a Tantrum. If you succeed in throwing a Tantrum, you'll earn a Freak-Out bonus that you can use to start your next Combo.

Directional Buttons Move Skater
X Button Press to Crouch (Increases Speed and Pre-Loads Jump). Release X Button to Jump (or Ollie)
Triangle Button Perform 50-50 Grind (When Near a Rail)
Square Button Perform Flip Trick (In Conjunction With Any Directional Button)
Circle Button Perform Grab Trick (In Conjunction With Any Directional Button)
L2 Button Switch Stance. Revert (When Landing).
R2 Button Revert (When Landing)
Start Button Pause
Select Button Switch Camera Positions
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Skater
L3 Button Enter Slow-Mo Focus Mode
R3 Button Lock Camera in Place/Release Camera
Combo #1 Directional Button Up Then Down or Directional Button Down Then Up = Perform Manual
Combo #2 Tap Directional Button Up Before Tapping or Releasing X Button = Perform No Comply
Combo #3 Quickly Tap Directional Button Up, Up, Then Release X Button = Boneless or Fastplant or Beanplant (Depends on Skater)
Combo #4 Press and Hold L2 + X (To Jump) + Square + Any Direction = Pressure Flip
Combo #5 Press L2 + X Button (To Jump) = Enter Nollie Position
Combo #6 Approach a wall at a 45-degree angle, Ollie into the wall while holding down Triangle Button = Wallride
Combo #7 Press X While Wallriding = Wallie
Combo #8 Press Directional Button Up + X While Wallriding = Wallieplant
Combo #9 Launch off a Quarterpipe and Press X Button on the way Up = Vert Wallplant
Combo #10 Jump Straight Into Wall + X Button = Sticker Slap (Plant Foot on Wall and Kick Off in Opposite Direction)

Combo #1 Directional Button Up + Triangle = Nosegrind
Combo #2 Directional Button Down + Triangle = 5-0 Grind
Combo #3 Rotate Board Perpendicular to Rail + Triangle = Boardslide/Lipslide
Combo #4 Directional Button Left or Right + Triangle = Noseslide or Tailslide
Combo #5 Directional Button Down-Left or Down-Right + Triangle = Smith or Feeble Grind
Combo #6 Directional Button Up-Left or Up-Right + Triangle = Crooked or Overcrook Grind
Combo #7 Skate up a Ramp or Quarterpipe + Triangle + Any Direction = Perform a Lip Trick

Combo #1 Skate or Manual Straight Into Wall + Triangle = Wallpush
Combo #2 Press L2 or R2 when Launching off One Side of a Spine = Transfer Over Spine
Combo #3 Press Directional Button Up When Behind Vehicle = Skitching (Use Directional Buttons Left or Right to Balance)
Combo #4 Once in a Manual, Double-Tap Circle, Triangle, or Square = Flatland Tricks
Combo #5 Directional Button Any Direction + Double-Tap Square or Circle = Advanced Flips and Grabs
Combo #6 In the Middle of a Grind or Lip Trick, Double-Tap Circle, Square, or Triangle = Change Trick (Trick Branching)
Combo #7 Double-Tap Down, Then Tap R1 = Powerslide (Quick 180)
Combo #8 While Jumping Over a Quarterpipe Ramp, Press R2 = Acid Drops
Combo #9 While Skating, Press Circle to Pick Up Objects, Then Square to Throw Objects
Combo #10 R1 + L1 (Simultaneous) = Switch from Skating to Walking

Directional Buttons Walk (Any Direction). Left/ Right = Slide Along Ledge, Up = Climb Up Onto Ledge.
X Button Jump. Hold to Run (With Direction).
Triangle Button Lay Down Graffiti Tag
L2 Button Recenter Camera Behind Skater
R1 Button Grab Ledge
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Run (Any Direction)
Combo #1 If you bail, press controller buttons repeatedly to get up faster.