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Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix


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Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix

X Button Press to Crouch (Increases Speed and Pre-Loads Jump). Release X Button to Jump (or Ollie).
Triangle Button Perform 50-50 Grind (When Near a Rail)
Square Button Perform Flip Trick (In Conjunction With Any Directional Button)
Circle Button Perform Grab Trick (In Conjunction With Any Directional Button)
R Button Get Into Switch Stance
Combo #1 Skate up a Ramp or Quarterpipe + Triangle + Any Direction = Perform a Lip Trick
Combo #2 Press Up, Then Down Using D-Pad = Manual
Combo #3 Press R or L to Revert When Landing Back Onto a Ramp
Combo #4 Tap D-Pad Up Before Tapping X = No Comply
Combo #5 Quickly Tap Up, Up on D-Pad, Then Release X = Boneless, Fastplant, or Beanplant

Combo #1 Directional Button Up + Triangle = Nosegrind
Combo #2 Directional Button Down + Triangle = 5-0 Grind
Combo #3 Rotate Board Perpendicular to Rail + Triangle = Boardslide/Lipslide
Combo #4 Directional Button Left or Right + Triangle = Noseslide or Tailslide
Combo #5 Directional Button Down-Left or Down-Right + Triangle = Smith or Feeble Grind
Combo #6 Directional Button Up-Left or Up-Right + Triangle = Crooked or Overcrook Grind
Combo #7 Press Circle While Skating, Press X to Jump, and Square Plus D-Pad in Any Direction = Nollie Flip
Combo #8 Press Circle Twice for Pressure Flip
Combo #9 Skate or Manual Straight Into Wall + Triangle = Wallpush
Combo #10 Press R Ehen Launching off One Side of a Spine = Transfer Over Spine
Combo #11 Press Directional Button Up When Behind Vehicle = Skitching (Use Directional Buttons Left or Right to Balance)
Combo #12 Once in a Manual, Double-Tap Circle, Triangle, or Square = Flatland Tricks
Combo #13 Directional Button Any Direction + Double-Tap Square or Circle = Advanced Flips and Grabs
Combo #14 In the Middle of a Grind or Lip Trick, Double-Tap Circle, Square, or Triangle = Change Trick (Trick Branching)
Combo #15 Double-Tap Down, Then Tap R = Powerslide (Quick 180)
Combo #16 While Jumping Over a Quarterpipe Ramp, Press R = Acid Drops
Combo #17 While Skating, Press Circle to Pick Up Objects, Then Square to Throw Objects

Directional Buttons Walk (Any Direction). Left/ Right = Slide Along Ledge, Up = Climb Up Onto Ledge.
X Button Jump. Hold to Run (With Direction).
Triangle Button Lay Down Graffiti Tag