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Tony Hawk's Underground (THUG)


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Also on:PS2, GBA, Xbox
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Always Hard FMV sequence

By collecting nine secret tapes.

Lost Footage FMV sequence

Complete the game under the too easy and beginner difficulty settings to unlock a new "Lost Footage Tape", in which instead of challenging Eric, you punch him and take the tape.

Alternate ending sequence

Finish story mode twice or complete sick mode to view an alternate ending sequence.

Walk up a wall

To walk up walls u first, enable the Moon Gravity code. Get off your board and go to a building. Hold down X and Square and you will walk up the wall.

Unlock T.H.U.D.

Finish story mode under the sick difficulty setting. REMEMBER: In the Neversoft FMV sequence at the start of the game, the boy that gets eaten is Eric. The thing that pops out to eat him is T.H.U.D.

Unlock pedestrians

Clear all gaps in the game to unlock 26 playable pedestrians, including Eric Sparrow, Ollie The Magic Bum, the Chef Dude (makes you do the Boneless and No Complys), the rest of members of KISS, a drug addict, and a drug dealer.

Create-a-deck mode

Finish Slamma Jamma in story mode.

Kiss Concert FMV sequence

By collectinging all the letters that spell K-I-S-S in the Hotter Than Hell level. This will unlock the Kiss FMV sequence. Then, By collecting K-I-S-S again. This will start the KISS Concert.

Bails 1 FMV sequence

By collecting three secret tapes.

Bails 2 FMV sequence

By collecting six secret tapes.

The secret tapes 7

Inside the glass box above the Slam City Jam

The secret tapes 8

When you start in Moscow u will see a building with little domes with crosses on them. On that building somewhere is a red rail and the tape is on the red rail. So climb the building and you will eventually find it.

Hotter Than Hell level

Get the last goal (Kill Eric's Best Line) to unlock the Hotter Than Hell level, which features Kiss. You will also unlock the Helicopter FMV sequence. Get helicopter FMV sequence from Eric Sparrow

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 School Level

In new jersey after jumping the bridge,go to the end of the road,launch off the quarter pipe and while in the air get off the board.Hop onto the platform above,go to the ledge above where the trains come in and get the tape.Now the school from thps2 will be unlocked.

Unlock Gene Simmons

Finish story mode under the normal difficulty setting.

Unlock Iron Man

Finish story mode under the beginner difficulty setting

The secret tapes 1

Beneath the bridge in Jersey

The secret tapes 2

On top of the billboard infront of the blue bulding in New York

The secret tapes 3

On top of the grey building across from the insurance building in Tampa

The secret tapes 4

On top of the theater in San Diego

The secret tapes 5

On the rail that connects the Pink Hotel and the Big Surf Hotel in Hawaii

The secret tapes 6

Above the dome thing by the hptel in Vancouver

Cool specials

Get all 129 goals.

Kid mode

Get all 129 goals.


Get all 129 goals.


Get all 129 goals.

Always special

Get all 129 goals.

Perfect skitch

Get all 129 goals.

The Hanger from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

In Moscow in the Red Palace in the back near where you start there is glass at the back of the palace that you can break. Jump through the glass and go up the slope to unlock The Hanger.

Perfect rail balance

Get all 129 goals.

Perfect manuals

Get all 129 goals.

Perfect skitches

Get all 129 goals.

Moon gravity

Get all 129 goals.