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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground

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Also on:PS3, DS, Xbox 360, PS2
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Gameplay Controls

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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
Control Stick
Up/Down = Balance During Tricks. Control Walking Skater.
A Button
Ollie (or Jump). Crouch (Hold). Footplant.
B Button
Wallpush Off Wall. Aggro Skitch Boost (Off Moving Vehicle).
C Button
Nollie Stance.
Z Button
Revert Landing. Switch Stance.
Grab Tricks
Each direction on the control stick performs a different trick.
Flip Tricks
Each direction on the control stick performs a different trick.
Grind Tricks
Must be near a grindable surface. For 50-50 trick, you must be parallel to a rail before the ollie.
Boardslide. Lipslide. Noseslide. Tailslide.
Rotate the board using the control stick to slide the rail on a certain part of the board.
Feeble. Smith. Crooked. Overcrook.
Lip Stall. Invert.
Skate up a ramp and press B Button and any direction on the Control Stick.
Rail Stall
(After Ollieing onto any rail)
Focus Mode
Flick Nunchuk and Wii Remote toward each other
Aggro Kick
Approach the wall at a 45-degree angle and ollie into the wall while pressing the B Button. Then press the A Button to wallie off the wall.
Spine Transfers
Flick Wii Remote any directon when launching off one side of the spine.
Aggro Push
(While in a manual near a wall or ledge)
Skate Check
(Reverse directions for Nose Manuals)
Double-Tap Flips and Grabs
(Performs more advanced version of basic flip or grab)
Control Flip While In Air
Acid Drops. Bank Drops.
While jumping over quarter pipe ramp or slanted ramp, flick Wii Remote in any direction.
Switch to Walking