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Tony Hawk's Proving Ground


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So you put the disk in your Xbox 360...

posted by Lagg3r (ROUND LAKE, IL) Nov 9, 2007

Member since Jul 2005

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...And it runs the game and bam, first thing you realize as you're going through menus is that the load times are made for patient people...That's probably the first issue with the game.

As you begin to design your skater for your wonderfully predicted skating life, you realize the selection of customizable features and props are a little scarce, don't get too optimistic, it won't improve by much as you go on.

This game has a good but over done concept within its self. Customizable skating career/world with Tony Hawk labeled all over the game. The TH series has gone over its self so many times that it has begun to collapse on its own weight.

Skating is pretty much the same, you got grinds, kick flips, spines, manuals, and so forth. This game adds the little "Nail The Trick" thing where it lets you control your skate board in a faulty way. This little gimmick is nice, but its difficult to master and not too amazing.

Creating your own skate park doesn't exist any longer, it's gone for good and replaced with a cruddy selection of environment items and skating pieces. Your little warehouse hang out is located within the story and that's pretty much where you can go for a free skate.

Money, skills, and story building takes place within the game's story mode in which you complete goals by visiting parts of the city. Each goal you complete unfolds the story a little more from that perspective. You can go hardcore, be a rigger, you can go big time, and some other things too.

The game also introduces mind-boggling amounts of mini skating goals throughout the city, littered in so many places that you'll have difficulties trying to start one and be able to find the end of the path to which you must take the goal to in order to complete it (in example, hold a manual down a street or grind an entire curb).
This game is pretty much a watered down TH game with a few new gimmicks and some fancy lighting.
Not worth playing unless you're a true Tony Hawk fan. I recommend skat.

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So tired ...

posted by naughtypug (GLENDALE, CA) Oct 18, 2007

Member since Sep 2005

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How many times must I be duped into thinking that the next Tony Hawk game is going to be miles above the rest in the age of "next gen"?

This is what seriously happened today:

Come home from work, get mail, find THPG in the mail, pop it in.
Create a skater but while doing so realized this was just another stale "create-a-player" feature set, and then set forth into the land of Tony Hawk's skaterland. Immediately, the camera is much lower and closer to the skater, which I hated instantly. I then tried the 3 training goals, and found this to be the same old Tony Hawk Pro Skater that we've all played 2 consoles ago. The graphics suck, the camera sucks, the game play is stale, and the "hey dude lets make a movie to enter in the skate contest" routine is more than old. I hated it so bad that when I turned it off 20 minutes into it, I ejected the disc and took it to the post office before it closed so I could get something else by the weekend.

Bottom line is that this series, aside from NAIL THE TRICK, has come up with nothing since Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and in my book, that is where this game peaked. Do yourself a favor and just go play the old games if you still like this series, you are not missing anything new. Dont waste your money on repackaged last gen quality games like this one.

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lame lame lame

posted by impjuice (Houston, TX) Oct 20, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

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This game is just flat out lame. Seriously i got excited because i heard that it was gonna be all revolutionary.... so im still waiting on this revolution it took me 6 hours to finish it i havent completed all the street quest yet but the main story is done and wow it was lame.

You start off as a nobody and 6 hours later your the best skater of all time, theres 0 competition you never have to out skate a certain person in a comp its all about getting this many points for AM PRO or SICK which is lame i wanted comp and got get this score and your the bomb dizzle... boring.

The worst thing about it all is i bought this game what a waste of money. I basically paid 60$ for a gh3 demo. If you have ever played a TH game there is no need to play this one at all save yourself a spot in your Q for a better game.

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