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Tony Hawk's Project 8


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Also on:Xbox, PS2, PSP Games, PS3
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Training Complete

By finishing the training.

Outta the houses

Escape the suburban life.

School unlocked

Unlocked the School.

Slums unlocked

Unlocked the Slums.

Skate Park unlocked

Unlock the Skate Park.

Funpark unlocked

Unlock the Funpark.

That combo was sick!

Land a combo over 5,000,000 points.

Williams & Dollin Pro Challenge

Find Stevie and Dustin and beat the challenge.

P-Rod Pro Challenge

Find P-Rod and beat his challenge.

Break 15 Bones In One Bail


Impressing The Locals

Get 1000 Stokens.

Shhhh it's a secret

Find all the secret areas.

Sick Highscore Run

5,000,000 point combo in High Score/Free Skate.

Vallely Pro Challenge

Find Mike V and beat his challenge.

Song Pro Challenge

Find Daewon and beat his challenge.

Burnquist Pro Challenge

Find Bob and beat his challenge.

Sheckler Pro Challenge

Find Ryan and beat his challenge.

Margera Pro Challenge

Find Bam and beat his challenge.

Nyjah & Lyn-Z Pro Challenge

Find Nyjah and Lyn-Z and beat the challenge.

Slums Classic beaten at sick

Get sick on the Slums classic goal.

Skate Classic beaten at sick

Get sick on the Skate Park classic goal.

Fun Park Classic beaten at sick

Get sick on the Fun Park classic goal.

Factory Classic beaten at sick

Get sick on the Factory classic goal.

Full stats

Get every stat maxed.

Mullen Pro Challenge

Find Rodney and beat his challenge.

The Daily Grind

Grind for 140,000 total feet.

Beat a developer

By winning a skate session against a member of the Project 8 development team, or someone who already has.

Suburbia Classic beaten at sick

Get sick on the Suburbia classic goal.

Main St Classic beaten at sick

Get sick on the Main St classic goal.

Capitol Classic beaten at sick

Capitol Classic beaten at sick.

School Classic beaten at sick

Get sick on the School classic goal.

You made it into Project 8

Crack the top 8.

You made it to spot 4!

Crack the top 4

Ranked Number 1!

You are the number one skater on Project 8.

Secret area found

Find your first secret area. Don't tell anyone.

Manual Master

Manual for 140,000 feet.

Hang Time

Get 14,000 seconds of air time.

Hit all of the gaps

Skate the world and find every gap.

Scored over 1,000,000 points!

Score over 1 million points.

Nice combo!

Land a combo over 500,000 points.

Played Xbox Live

By playing an online game.

50 games online

Finish 50 games online.

100 games online

Finish 100 games online.

Factory unlocked

Unlock the Factory.

First Sick Goal

By finishing a goal at Sick difficulty.

All pro challenges completed

By finishing all the pro's challenges.

Sick Chalk Challenges

By finishing all the goals at Sick difficulty.

Sick Classic Goals

By finishing all the classic goals at Sick difficulty.

Hit 50% of the gaps

50 percent of the gaps found.