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worst ever

posted by xbox101 (HALETHORPE, MD) Dec 7, 2006

Member since Sep 2006

this is the worst game i have ever played if you want a got thug game get underground 2

dont rent dont buy

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by miaheat1 (WELLINGTON, FL) Dec 3, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

It just isn't that good. I like thps4, thug, thug2, and thaw more than this There are few pros and many cons It's just a terrible game they took a huge step down.

Con Paragraph
They got rid of XBL for it,there are only four games for 2 player,they abolished the freeskate feature,they took away alot of the create a skater features,theycompletely changed the storyline it's about being in the top 8 not about beating the game.

Ok that above were the many reasons it's not a good game.eres a typical week when i get Tony Hawk. Such as when I got Thps4 Thug Thug2 and Thaw
I'm a huge fan of the Tonyhawk games.

Week of me getting any other tonyhawk game

Day 1- Get it can't wait to play it and create my character try to make him look really pimpin then start out story mode
Day 2- Continue doing story mode usually get pretty far
Day 3- Daydream about it in school then go home usually get a llittle further in story mode then get stuck and take a break
Day 4- Daydream about it in school then create all these funny characters, and create my friends
Day 5- Beat the game go on XBL then invite friedns over to play with me

And I had so much fun doing that Here was my 5 day week with Thp8
Day 1- Get it get Excited about it and get an early disapointment with the create a character features Then do story mode
Day 2- Continue story mode since that's all you can do
Day 3- Beat that lame story mode because there's nothing else to do and invite friends over to play it
Day 4- Friends come over and play Graffiti and Trick Attack with me because those and Horse are the only games they have they leave disapointed
Day 5- Unlock secret level (o sweet this might not be so bad after all) the level is a down hill slope where at the end theres a big ramp that sends you into water and you die
Bottom Line
They got rid of some great features and didnt add hardly any. I mean if you're a big fan rent it to beat it.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

project glitch

posted by irishbuilt (ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL) Nov 14, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

This is nothing but a regurgitation of past games. Nothing new but the "nail the trick" which is fun, but limited to few, predictable moves. I've played for probably three hours and can not figure out how to "go to skateshop". I think it glitched out. Glitch after Glitch jerks the skater all over....terrible.

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