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I hope this isn't the last one...

posted by PDMChubby (CHARLEVOIX, MI) Nov 19, 2006

Member since Apr 2005

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Okay, I'm a huge Tony Hawk game fan. I've played every single Tony Hawk game since THPS1 on N64, and I've loved every one after that. This one took a step or two backward from Tony Hawk American Wasteland. I personally thought THAW was just another new Tony Hawk when I played it, but I realize now how great it was.

See, THP8 does some things well. It has the new "Nail a Trick" feature, and that is really fun. I enjoyed that a lot and found myself clicking down both control sticks everytime I went off of a large ramp. Another great thing about this one is that the graphics for the cut-scenes are amazing, a lot better than previous games. It also has a nice amount of unlockable secret characters.

This game does a lot of things wrong too. First of all, it took a lot out from the earlier Tony Hawk titles. There is no more XBOX Live, which seems really stupid to me. I loved XBL on THAW, it kept me playing it. Not only that, but the character customization is the worst the series has ever seen. You have very few choices to choose from of everything: shirts, faces, hairstyles. It sucks. A lot. Plus, the story mode sucks, Nail a Trick isn't needed for the story except for a couple goals, and the level structure is terrible. Let's see... the level creator is out too, and the unlockable level is horrible. There are few pros to choose from for free skate and you can only jump once when you are off of your board (I know it doesn't sound like much, but I miss it).

This game is the worst Tony Hawk game I've ever played, and I'm a huge fan. I hope this isn't the last game he makes, because this would be a terrible way to end. If you're a Tony Hawk lover, then you may want to play it for the new story and Nail a Trick feature. If you've never played a Tony Hawk game, rent Tony Hawk American Wasteland instead. It's a much better game.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not Much New

posted by asubasebal (ROCHESTER, MN) Dec 3, 2006

Member since Oct 2006

2 out of 4 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

When i first looked at THp8, i thought it was going to be a game that's very realistic and good graphics. But i was fooled. THP8 is just like american wasteland, there are some new features, but they aren't used enough. Your best bet for this game is to try the xbox 360 version.

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project 8!

posted by cam8317 (AZUSA, CA) Nov 14, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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i was sooo happy when this game came out but when i got it it sorta sucked,... the game has a good story line but the story is not about your character, its about being #1. it freezes a lot on the xbox ssoooo save every time you can or you might have to do a mission all over again... that's my review ! peace out

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