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Tony Hawk's Project 8


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Also on:Xbox 360, Xbox, PS2, PS3
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Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's Project 8

Directional Buttons Up = Push
X Button Crouch (Press and Hold). Ollie (Press and Release).
L Button Revert
R Button Revert
Combo #1 Circle Button + Directional Button = Grab Trick (Must First Be In Air)
Combo #2 Square Button + Directional Button = Flip Trick (Must First Be In Air)
Combo #3 X Button (Press and Release), Triangle Button (When Near Rail or Ledge) = Grind Trick
Combo #4 Triangle Button + Directional Button = Lip Trick (First Skate Up Ramp)
Combo #5 Directional Button Up, Down = Manual
Combo #6 Directional Button Up (Tap) + X Button = No Comply
Combo #7 Directional Button Up (Double-Tap) + X Button = Boneless

Combo #1 X Button (When Near Rail) + Triangle Button = 50-50
Combo #2 Directional Button Up + Triangle Button = Nosegrind
Combo #3 Directional Button Down + Triangle Button = 5-0
Combo #4 Triangle Button (After Rotating Board Perpendicular To Rail) = Boardslide. Lipslide.
Combo #5 Directional Button Left/Right or Left Analog Stick Left/Right + Triangle Button = Noseslide. Tailslide.
Combo #6 Directional Button Down Left/Down Right + Triangle Button = Feeble. Smith.
Combo #7 Directional Button Up Left/Up Right + Triangle Button = Crooked. Overcrook.

Directional Buttons Up = Skitch (When Behind Vehicle). Down = 180 Degree Quick Turn Around (Press R Button).
X Button Wallie (After Wallride)
Triangle Button Wallride (When At 45 Degree Angle to Wall). Wallpush (Skate or Manual Into Wall First). Bail Recovery.
L Button Switch Sides of Vehicle While Skitching
R Button Switch Sides of Vehicle While Skitching. Switch Stance. Spine Transfer (When Launching Off One Side of Spine). Acid Drop/Bank Drop (While Jumping Over Ramp).
Combo #1 Analog Stick Up = Focus Mode (When Special Meter Is Filled)
Combo #2 X Button (Ollie) + Analog Stick Down = Activate Nail The Trick Mode (Push and Hold Directional Buttons To Flip Board. Keep Holding Until Board Rotates All Around. Release Analog Sticks To Land. Green Board = Start New Trick and/or Land Current Trick. Blue Board = Start New Trick But Board Bails If You Land Current Trick.)
Combo #3 L Button (Get Into Ollie Position), X Button = Nollie
Combo #4 L Button, X Button = Fakie Ollie
Combo #5 Directional Button Down (When Jumping Straight Into Wall) + X button = Wallplant
Combo #6 Manual + Circle Button or Square Button (Double-Tap) = Flatland Trick
Combo #7 Directional Button + Circle Button or Square Button (Double-Tap) = Double-Tap Flips/Grabs
Combo #8 L Button or R Button + Triangle Button (While Jumping Onto Mailbox, Pole or Fire Hydrant) = Natas Spin
Combo #9 R Button + Triangle Button + Directional Button (Any) = Stall
Combo #10 Circle or Triangle or Square Button (Double-Tap In Middle of Grind Or Lip Trick) = Grind/Lip/Stall/Natas Branching

X Button Jump
Analog stick Camera Control
Combo #1 R + L Button = Switch From Skate to Walk