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Tony Hawk's Project 8


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Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's Project 8

GamePlay: The options in the menu for controlling your skater using Tilt are:

Tilt Balance: Tilt controller forward and backward to control manual balance. Tilt controller side-to-side to steer skater or to balance skater while grinding.

Tilt Steering: Tilt controller side-to-side to steer skater.

Tilt Tricks: Tilt controller in different directions while in mid-air and press either Grab Tricks or Flip Tricks to perform various moves. Shake or flick controller to go into a manual. Press L2 Button and tilt controller forward or backyard to perform flips.

Nail The Trick: Tilt and twist controller to spin board when in Nail The Trick Mode. Return controller to starting position to plant skater's feet.

X Button Crouch (Press and Hold). Ollie (Press and Release).
L2 Button Revert
R2 Button Revert
Combo #1 Circle Button + Directional Button (Any) = Grab Trick (Must First Be In Air)
Combo #2 Square Button + Directional Button (Any) = Flip Trick (Must First Be In Air)
Combo #3 X Button (Press and Release), Triangle Button (When Near Rail or Ledge) = Grind Trick
Combo #4 Triangle Button + Directional Button (Any) = Lip Trick (First Skate Up Ramp)
Combo #5 Directional Button Up, Down = Manual
Combo #6 Directional Button Down, Up = Nose Manual
Combo #7 Directional Button Up (Double-Tap) + X Button (Press and Release) = No Comply
Combo #8 Directional Button Up (Double-Tap) + X Button (Press and Release) = Boneless

Combo #1 X Button (When Near Rail) + Triangle Button (Press and Hold) = 50-50
Combo #2 Directional Button Up + Triangle Button = Nosegrind
Combo #3 Directional Button Down + Triangle Button = 5-0
Combo #4 Triangle Button (After Rotating Board Perpendicular To Rail) = Boardslide. Lipslide.
Combo #5 Directional Button Left/Right + Triangle Button = Noseslide. Tailslide.
Combo #6 Directional Button Down Left/Down Right + Triangle Button = Feeble. Smith.
Combo #7 Directional Button Up Left/Up Right + Triangle Button = Crooked. Overcrook.

Directional Buttons Up = Skitch (When Behind Vehicle)
X Button Wallie. Wallplant (When Jumping Into Wall).
Triangle Button Wallride (When At 45 Degree Angle to Wall). Wallpush (First Skate or Manual Into Wall). Natas Spin (First Jump Onto Mailbox, Pole, or Fire Hydrant).
Square Button Quick Get-Up (Tap During A Bail)
R2 Button Switch Stance. Spine Transfer. Acid Drop/Bank Drop (While Jumping Over Ramp).
R1 Button Quick 180 Degree Turn Around (Double-Tap)
Combo #1 Left Stick (Click) = Focus Mode (When Special Meter Is Filled)
Combo #2 X Button (Ollie) + Left Stick (Click) + Right Right Stick (Click) = Activate Nail The Trick Mode (Push and Hold Either Stick To Flip Board. Keep Holding Until Board Rotates All Around. Release Sticks To Land.)
Combo #3 X Button (Get Into Ollie Position), L2 Button = Nollie
Combo #4 R2 Button, L2 Button, X Button = Fakie Ollie
Combo #5 Manual + Circle Button or Triangle Button or Square Button (Double-Tap) = Flatland Trick
Combo #6 Directional Button (Any) + Circle Button or Square Button (Double-Tap) = Double-Tap Flips/Grabs
Combo #7 L2 Button + Directional Button (Any) or Left Stick (Any Direction) = Mid-Air Flip or Roll
Combo #8 L2 + L1 + R2 + R1 Button = Auto Bail
Combo #9 Circle or Triangle or Square Button (Double-Tap) = Grind/Lip/Stall/Natas Branching (In The Middle Of Grind or Lip Trick)
Combo #10 R2 Button + Triangle Button + Directional Button (Any) = Stall

X Button Jump (Press R1 to Grab Ledge)
Combo #1 R1 + L1 Button = Switch From Skate to Walk
Combo #2 Directional Button Up (When Facing Wall), R1 Button = Wall Run