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Simply put a PS2 game on a blue ray disc.

posted by Gearhead (FORT SMITH, AR) Jan 9, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

The controls are excellent, you have a vast
variety of moves and combinations. Within one hour of game play your character will be maxed out for spin, wallride, manual, and almost grind attributes. This is great because to beat half the challenges you have to get 500,000 points in 30 seconds. The difficulty on the challenges is ungodly. If you repeat a trick you'll get only about 10% of the points the trick is worth in any competition. The game is great to play at first but gets extremely old very quick.

It is impossible to compete on any level other than amateur in the competitions. This is because at very best you can pull off five tricks for a combo while in the air. Quick math: 100+2000+500+5000+400=800- 0x5=40,000 looks like a lot of points, but if you don't land perfectly you will end up in the crowd with zero points and still have 20 secs left to get 500,000 points.
Don't get me wrong I've gotten a personal best of 650,000 points in combo that took me almost 45 secs and all of it was gaps and special trick grinds linked with manuals. But there are no gaps in competitions nor can you grinds or use a manual to link tricks from one side of the half-pipe to the other side.

The graphics are plain horrible. The last Tony Hawk had identical graphics and was on the PS2. All the trees are in 2D, and the physics are horrible.

Fun to play with two people or to kill time between web cam shows on you favorite web site.

Good rental title, not a Buy title.

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GF Rating


the rating sais it all

posted by sonicflood (COOLIDGE, TX) Jan 6, 2007

Member since Jun 2006

this game earned a SOLID of the best THPS games out....that doesnt mean its good but it sure is one of the best of the series if your a fan this is a must RENT keyword RENT.......well this game has some framrate issues......other than that this game is actually fun! with weird achievments to reach and awesome graphics this game will make your day whenever your not playing any other game(resistance)......i didnt play this game much or this would be a better review but hopefully this coninces a few non beleivers in the series i liked this game

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GF Rating


The Usual

posted by Lazworkr (MILTON, FL) Jan 6, 2007

Member since Feb 2006

This game is your typical Tony Hawk title. The graphics look good but the gameplay just gets old.

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