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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4


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Also on:PS2, Xbox
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131 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4

Control Pad Direction Control
A Button Jump (Hold and Release)
B Button Flip Tricks (With Control Pad) When Airborne
X Button Grab Tricks (With Control Pad) When Airborne
Y Button Grind Tricks (With Control Pad)/Lip Tricks/Wallride
L Button Revert (When Landing)
R Button Switch Stance/Revert (When Landing)
Combo #1 Down, Up or Up, Down = Manual
Combo #2 L + A = Nollie
Combo #3 Any Direction + Flip + Flip or Any Direction + Grab + Grab = Advanced Flip/Advanced Grab
Combo #4 Down + R + L = Quick 180 Powerslide
Combo #5 Double Tap X or Double Tap Y or Double Tap B (after Manual) = Flatland Tricks
Combo #6 Up (when behind vehicle) = Skitch
Combo #7 Up + Up + A = Wallplant

Control Stick Move Piece
Control Pad Left/Right = Change Set of Pieces, Up/Down = Change Piece in Set
A Button Place Piece
B Button Delete Piece
X Button Rotate Piece
Y Button Rotate Piece
Z Button Zoom Camera (With R and L)
L Button Raise Ground
R Button Lower Ground
C Stick Move Camera
Start/Pause Menu